Notifying Adobe of Security Issues

Our team of security experts strives to quickly address security issues involving our products and services.

If you need to report a security issue, please use the appropriate contact points outlined below:

Problem or issue

Adobe contact or resource


How do I report:

  • Issues related to your Adobe Account
  • Fraudulent use of my credit card or personal information as it relates to an Adobe product or service?


Review your account security settings at, or chat with Adobe Customer Care.


How do I provide feedback on an Adobe product or service?



Visit the Adobe Help Center.



Where do I retrieve updates and patches for Adobe desktop or mobile products?


Reference the Adobe Security Bulletin or Advisory for your product. 


How do I report an email, website or pop-up window that falsely claims to represent Adobe?



How do I report the abuse or misuse of an Adobe product or service for malicious or illegal purposes?




How do I report software piracy (copying, selling, or use of software that hasn't been properly licensed)?


Visit the Adobe anti-piracy page.


How do I report a security issue in a specific Adobe product, online service or web property? 



Visit the Adobe vulnerability disclosure program on HackerOne or send a mail to


*This email should only be utilized to report security vulnerabilities in Adobe products. 


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