Fixed issues in After Effects

Use this document for a list of bug fixes in the December 2018 release (version 16.0.1) of After Effects.

Bug fixes in Mocha AE CC 6.0.1

The Mocha AE CC plug-in from Boris FX has been updated to version 6.0.1. Bug fixes and changes include:

  • The Apply Export button does not animate the Corner Pin effect parameters in all languages.
  • The Animation > Track in Mocha has been renamed to Track in Boris FX Mocha.
  • Inability to use visibility/process/lock elements for grouped layers.
  • Playback controls are spaced incorrectly in the Essentials layout.
  • Defective Mocha menu bar at first launch of the Mocha GUI on macOS.
  • Error when undoing a control-point change on a Magnetic Shape Contour.
  • Multi-selection for layers does not work as expected.
  • Canvas issues after switching from Retina display to non-Retina.
  • The transform tools do not respect the uber-key state.
  • A crash when the Mocha interface is launched on the lowest resolution display.
  • A deadlock while tracking.
  • A crash when exiting the Mocha interface.

Other bug fixes

  • Showing the grid in the Composition or Layer panels causes After Effects to become unusably slow on macOS.
  • When the project is set to 16-bpc or 32-bpc color, Apple ProRes 4444 QuickTime files render transparent alpha as opaque.
  • Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD QuickTime files from Blackmagic Video Assist or HyperDeck fail to import.
  • HEVC (H.265) footage is replaced by color bars when a composition is sent to Adobe Media Encoder.
  • H.264 footage from Canon 5D cameras renders with a black stripe on the bottom if hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding is enabled on macOS. 
  • Importing a camera raw file (.DNG, .CR2, .NEF, etc.) after installing the Adobe Camera Raw 11.1 update fails with the error, Internal verification failure, sorry! {no current context}. To avoid this issue in previous releases of After Effects, revert Adobe Camera Raw to version 11.0. For more information, see Error when using After Effects with Adobe Camera Raw version 11.1.
  • 3D Camera Tracker, Warp Stabilizer VFX, or queueing a composition in Adobe Media Encoder cause a system beep sound.
  • Properties from other layers are removed from the Essential Graphics panel while pre-composing a layer with the Move All Attributes option.
  • Duplicating a composition causes grouped properties in the Essential Graphics panel to be removed from their groups in the duplicate version.
  • The horizontal scroll bars for selective color grading curves of the Lumetri Color effect is slow.
  • The Fill effect does not render correctly if the project is set to Mercury GPU Acceleration and the effect references a mask that does not intersect with the layer pixels.
  • The Vivid Light and Color Burn blending modes do not render correctly on Windows if a color working space is set for the project and the Linearize Working Space or Blend Colors Using 1.0 Gamma options are enabled. 
  • Modifying layers in the Composition Panel is slowed by using the JavaScript expressions engine.
  • The Disable Expressions command results in an error when After Effects runs in French.
  • An undefined GPU Rendering expression error occurs if you paste a GPU-accelerated effect with property links and then delete the referenced effect or layer.
  • When you migrate preferences from a previous version, the Lean workspace is missing.
  • When you migrate preferences from a previous version, the Home window is cropped to a small size.
  • The PresetEffects.xml file is missing from the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2019\Support Files folder on Windows.
  • Dynamic Link composition stops rendering while macOS is exporting.
  • After Effects crashes when you click the Auto button in the Curves effect.
  • After Effects crashes when you add a composition to the render queue during a condition where the workspace data is corrupt.
  • After Effects 15.x crashes if you open a project created in After Effects 16.0 in which you applied the Puppet effect to a layer and then saved the project using Save a Copy as CC (15.x). After Effects 15.x does not render the Puppet effect until you modify the effect parameters, and does not render identically if you used the new Advanced or Bend pins.
  • Several crashing conditions found using data submitted using Adobe Crash Reporter have been fixed.
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