SAINT, classification FTP,variable,evar,prop,Different users see different variables for the same report under Classification SAINT FTP account in Analytics


Adobe Analytics


Sometimes under FTP classification Account shows different report suite or but different variables for same report suite for different login users.
FTP Classification Account Name :  Products Categorization. Both report suites have same variable name but different variables used.

Classification Variable :
Internal Campaigns-> eVar1 in Report Suite 1
Internal Campaigns -> eVar4 in Report Suite 2

User 1 see correct variable 'Internal Campaigns'for report suite A

User 2 doesn't find Internal  'Internal Campaigns' variable.



Root Cause: Using different evars is the cause for this behavior.

Logic and Reasoning

  • Classifications have 2 pieces :  Relationships (Variables) and divisions (classification columns)

  • Here you are using the same name, but they really refer to 2 different relationships (or variables eVar 1 and eVar 4).

  • What is most likely happening here is that one user when choosing the Internal search value it pulls the first report suite it sees, which then pulls that one variable and says are there any other report suites with this variable classified with this name. This results in different report suite retrieval for different users.



  • Changing the name of the evars would help. Then there will be two drop down items and will remove any confusion of which report suites to look at.