Unable to search a course in Captivate Prime


Captivate Prime Learning Programs are renamed to Learning Paths. This change happens immediately after the October 2021 release and the terminology of Learning Path is reflected for all roles.


A learner is unable to search a course in Captivate Prime.

Scenario 1: Enrollment is through a higher Learning Object.


There are scenarios, where, a learner searches a course and the course is not listed. But if the learner has enrolled for a Learning Program/Certification, then the learner is able to view the course inside the Learning Object.

Why does this happen?

In Captivate Prime, when a learner is enrolled through a Learning Program/Certification, the enrollment for that course is through the Learning Program/Certification.

Therefore, the learner is not able to search for the stand-alone Courses under My Learning.

However, the learner cannot view the courses inside the Learning Program/Certification.

Scenario 2: Learner does not have access to the Catalog that contains the Course.


A learner is unable to search courses in the Catalog or the Learning Dashboard.

Why does this happen?

This issue occurs if:

  • The learner is not a part of the Catalog that contains the course OR
  • The course is not a part of the Catalog that the Learner has access to.


  1. Log in as administrator. 

  2. Click Catalog and browse to the catalog that contains the course. 

  3. Click Share Internally or Content (depending upon the scenario mentioned above).

    view catalog
    View Catalog

  4. Review the scenarios below:

    A. Learner is not part of the catalog

    To share the catalog, click Add, and add the user group that the user is a part of. Click Save.

    User group addition
    View to add user group

    Course is not a part of the Catalog

    In the Content section, click Add Content, and select the course that you need to add to the catalog.

    add course to catalog
    View to add course to Catalog