What's new in Elements Organizer 15

With Elements Organizer 15, it’s easier than ever for you to organize and search for your memories,
and share them with your family and friends in a snap. 

Read on to find the fabulous new enhancement that Elements Organizer 15 brings to you. And, rest assured in the knowledge that with Elements Organizer 15 by your side, your growing collection of media files remains easy to manage and share.


Elements Organizer is included with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements. For more information about new features in these products, see What's New in Photoshop Elements 15 and What's New in Premiere Elements 15.

Search is a cinch!

Find the exact photos you’re looking for by searching on a combination of things, including
people, places, events, and other favorite subjects. 

The new Enhanced Search feature provides you multiple search options with a single result: fast and easy access to what you are looking for. Want to search for all media files that have Jeff on a beach that were taken in March 2016? Or, quickly look up all photos of Esther's birthday that you have rated four stars or higher? No need to shuffle between the left panel, right panel, and the timeline view to find these media files. Enhanced Search combines all these in one window with a modern, touch-friendly user experience.

For more information, see Using Enhanced Search.

Smart Tags

Find photos faster!

Smart Tags are a new, powerful way of tagging and finding your media files quickly and easily. Elements Organizer automatically analyzes your photos and generates Smart Tags for objects and events in your photos. So, all photos that you clicked on a beach are marked with the “Beach” tag. And the same with photos that relate to sunset, garden, ocean – you get the picture.

Elements Organizer even recognizes and tags photos clicked on a birthday, those that have children in them, and those that have smiling faces, just to give a few examples. Impressive, isn’t it? Smart Tags make it easy for you to search for your memories in various ways – even when you have not manually added keywords.

To search based on Smart Tags, filter through the top Smart Tags in the search window or type them out in the search bar. Elements Organizer shows your matching photos immediately.

For more information, see Using Smart Tags.

Enhanced Instant Fix

More than organize your photos—enhance them!

Want to quickly enhance or correct multiple photos but don’t want to launch the Editor? The new enhanced Instant Fix makes editing multiple photos a breeze. Use the touch-friendly UI to make your snapshots extra-special with everything from one-click fixes to artistic looks that will wow friends and family.

For more information, see Fixing photos in Elements Organizer

Import from Cloud services

If it’s in the Cloud, it’s in your catalog!

More and more of us use one or more online cloud services to sync our photos and videos from mobile devices to our computers. With Elements Organizer 15, you easily auto-import your photos and videos from cloud services like Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. Elements Organizer tracks the folders of these services on your desktop and auto-imports the media files in them.

Support for watch folders on Mac OS

In the previous release, watch folders were supported on Windows. In this release, Elements Organizer supports watch folders on Mac OS as well. 

For more information, see Using watched folders.

Enhanced sharing to Facebook and YouTube

Sharing is even more of a delight!

Elements Organizer 15 offers you a seamless experience when sharing your media files to Facebook or YouTube. The redesigned interface provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes the sharing experience more delightful.

Share on YouTube

Share on Facebook

For more information, see Upload photos to Facebook and Upload videos to YouTube.

Touch-based editing

Elements Organizer is now touch-friendly!

Organize photos with your fingertips. Now, you can simply tap to find, sort, and enhance your photos in your touch-screen devices. The new Instant Fix mode in Element Organizer also supports touch, putting all those cool effects and edits literally at your fingertips!




Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX

10 月 14 至 16 日邁阿密海灘和線上

Adobe MAX


10 月 14 至 16 日邁阿密海灘和線上

Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX

10 月 14 至 16 日邁阿密海灘和線上

Adobe MAX


10 月 14 至 16 日邁阿密海灘和線上