Dispatcher "homepage" parameter is not working in Apache


In your dispatcher.any you have defined homepage parameter as described in the docs below but it does not redirect to the homepage as it supposed to.

/homepage (optional) 
This specifies the page that the Dispatcher returns when no target page or file is requested.  
In a typical setup, this is the actual page returned when a user specifies such a URL (e.g. www.myCompany.com)  
without a specific file being specified. The /homepage parameter is required if there is no automatic redirecting  
from the server (e.g. for IIS) or from Communiqué (e.g. if you shut it down after the content is cached). 
To display the index.html page in such circumstances, use the following setting:   
/homepage "/index.html" 


Please use mod_rewrite in Apache. homepage parameter is designed to work only in IIS where there is no default redirect functionality.