Use different Digimarc codes on images | Scene7


We have some images that have a Digimarc code. We want to use a different Digimarc code in Scene7 Publishing System (SPS) now. What codes are displayed when they the Image Server requests them?


The QA team at Adobe did a recent test on this issue. They tried a test with the image with a Digimarc ID, confirmed in Photoshop. They then configured a test company to reference a different, valid DigiMarcID. Next, they uploaded the image into the company and published. There were no upload or warnings in the job logs.

Then, they requested the image from the Image Server at a smaller than full size, and saved the response locally. When they opened the image in PhotoShop and used the Digimarc plug-in to read the embedded watermark, they saw that the ID from the test company appeared. It did not display the original ID from the master image.

If the image is saved at full size (?scl=1), the original Digimarc ID survives. So the act of the Image Server resampling the image to a smaller size is enough to "destroy" the original and apply the new one.

To sum up: The library that Digimark provides includes this functionality; it is not code that that Scene7 controls.

As an image is modified, the watermark becomes harder for the library to recognize. At some point, it can no longer recognize that it exists. Since the library refuses to watermark any image that is already watermarked, you get the original watermark for some images. For others, you get a new watermark if enough editing has been done. The problem is there is no way to define beforehand what “enough editing” is.