Explore creating color swatches and tints to add dimensionality to a logo.


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What you learned: Create a swatch using the Color Mixer and create a tint of that swatch

What is a tint?

A tint is a lighter version of a color.

Original orange swatch with four lighter tinted swatches to the right

Create a color

To start, create a new color using the Color Mixer.

  1. Select artwork and click the Fill color in the Properties panel.
  2. In the panel that appears, click the Color Mixer option at the top to show color sliders and the color spectrum at the bottom.
  3. Click in the color spectrum to sample a color and apply it to the fill of the selected artwork.

Tip: For a CMYK (print) document, you will see CMYK sliders in the Color Mixer. The CMYK sliders represent the typical printing inks used when printing in color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. For an RGB (web, screen) document, you will see RGB sliders in the Color Mixer. They represent the 3 colors: Red, Green, and Blue, that are combined to create color for viewing on screens.

Save the color as a swatch

After sampling a color, save it as a swatch so you can apply it again elsewhere, maintain color consistency, and make it easy to edit the color across all applied artwork.

  1. Click the Swatches option at the top of the panel that’s still open, to show the default color swatches.
  2. Click the New Swatch button at the bottom to save the color as a swatch.
  3. In the New Swatch dialog box that appears, change the swatch name and click OK to save it.

Create a tint

With the color swatch created, you can apply that color to other artwork and then create a tint, or lighter version, of the color.

  1. Apply the swatch you created to the fill or stroke of artwork.
  2. Click the Fill color or Stroke color in the Properties panel and click the Color Mixer option at the top of the panel to show a single tint (T) slider. Drag the slider to the left to make the color lighter.

Save the tint as a swatch

To easily apply the same tint color elsewhere, and to maintain color consistency, you can save the tint as a swatch.

  • Click the Swatches option at the top of the panel and click the New Swatch button at the bottom to save the tint. The tint has the same name as the swatch; the tint percentage appears after the name.


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Adobe Stock Contributor: plasteed

Presenter: Brian Wood