Crop and enhance your photo in Adobe Lightroom for mobile before sharing directly to Instagram.
Photo editing for instagram in Lightroom mobile.

Add a photo to Lightroom on mobile

Lightroom for mobile is an excellent place to perfect a photo for posting to Instagram. Use a photo from a Lightroom album or a photo you shoot with the Lightroom in-app camera.

To add a photo from your camera roll to a Lightroom album, tap the Add Photos button at the bottom of the screen. Select a photo, and tap Add 1 Photos to add it to All Photos.


To open the photo for editing, tap All Photos. Then tap the photo.


Crop the image

Crop the photo to square format in Lightroom for mobile, so the photo will look the way you want it on Instagram.

Tap the Crop tool at the bottom of the screen. Tap Aspect 1 x 1 to create a square crop box. Then drag the photo to move it around inside the crop box. When you're happy with your composition, tap the checkmark at the bottom right to commit the crop.


Add a Preset

Presets are custom recipes of adjustments that achieve a desired look. Apply a preset in Lightroom for mobile to give your photo a unique look.

Tap the Presets icon in the lower right of the screen. Select a category of presets, like the Color category. Then tap a preset to apply it.


This High Contrast preset increases contrast, the difference between dark and light tones in a photo, to give the photo extra punch.


Fine-tune the photo with Lightroom for mobile adjustments

Tap the Adjust icons at the bottom of the screen to explore powerful adjustments you can apply before sharing to Instagram. Here you can access adjustments that affect the light, color, detail, and more.

Tap the Effects icon to open a menu with more adjustment options, including Dehaze, a unique tool that removes or adds haze in a scene. 

Adjust the Dehaze slider to the right to decrease haze and left to increase haze in the photo.


Tap and hold with three fingers to toggle between your  original "before" photo and your final "after" image.


Share to Instagram

When you're finished enhancing your photo in Lightroom for mobile, share it directly to Instagram.
Tap the Share icon at the top right and choose Open in ...

Choose a size for the image.

Tap the Copy to Instagram icon, and your photo opens in Instagram with all the edits you made in Lightroom for mobile. Use Instagram to post to your Instagram stream.


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