The Lumetri Color panel Curve controls allow you to make quick, nuanced adjustments to the brightness and colors of your clips.

What you learned: Make nuanced adjustments to clip brightness and color

Curve controls allow you to apply natural-looking adjustments to the brightness and color of your clips.

Access the Curves controls

  • The RGB Curves and Hue Saturation Curves are in the Curves section of the Lumetri Color panel.

Adjust shadows, midtones, and highlights separately

  1. Add control points and adjust the bottom left corner of the RGB Curves control line to change the shadows.
  2. Adjust the middle of the line to adjust the midtones.
  3. Adjust the top right corner of the line to change the highlights.

The Curve control gives natural-looking results

  • The RGB Curves control line adjusts all of the pixels in the image based on their brightness. When you add an adjustment at a particular brightness level, all other levels are also adjusted according to the shape of the line.

Add an S-curve to add natural-looking contrast

  • Create a subtle S shape in the RGB Curves control line to increase the appearance of contrast without extending or compressing the overall brightness.

Selectively adjust color channels

  • Click a colored dot at the top of the RGB Curves control to selectively adjust the individual Red, Green, and Blue color channels.
  • Click the white dot to adjust all of the channels.

Adjust the Hue Saturation Curves

  • Click a colored dot below the Hue Saturation Curves control to add a control point, or add control points by clicking the white circle. Adjustments to the line increase or decrease color saturation for the selected color range.

Tip: Adjusting Curves controls is an art and a craft. Practice by making more extreme adjustments, so you can see which areas in the picture you’re adjusting before choosing a more subtle result.


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Original Media: “The Ancestor Simulation,” directed by Maxim Jago

Presenter: Maxim Jago