Perform precise edits when adding clips to sequences.


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What you learned: Use In points and Out points to add clips to sequences with precision

Use any combination of three In points or Out points in the Source Monitor and the Timeline panel to add clips with precision.

Add an In point and an Out point to a clip

Open a clip in the Source Monitor, position the playhead, and click the Mark In and Mark Out buttons, or Press I and O, to select part of the clip.

Add an In point or an Out point to a sequence

Position the Timeline playhead and click the Program Monitor Mark In or Mark Out buttons, or press I or O to add an In point or Out point to the sequence. The sequence playhead will be used as an In point if there is no In point or Out point.

Perform an Insert edit or Overwrite edit

  • Click the Insert button or Overwrite button in the Source Monitor to add the clip to the sequence.
  • Press the , key for an Insert edit or the . key for an Overwrite edit to add the clip to the sequence.

Perform a reverse three-point edit

Add an In point and Out point to a sequence, and then only an In point or Out point to a clip, to use as much of the clip as is required to fill the selected duration in the sequence.

Whichever point is added to the clip will be aligned with the equivalent point in the sequence when the clip is added.

Configure Source Patching

  • Enable or disable the video or audio tracks to selectively include video or audio source clip contents.
  • Position source tracks next to the Timeline tracks you would like the clip to be added to.

Tip: Three-point edits are the building block of non-linear editing. With so many combinations of settings it can seem daunting, but the technique makes great sense when you see the technique in action. Try each combination of In points and Out points, and see the results for yourself to quickly familiarize yourself with this fast editing workflow.


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Adobe Stock contributors: slowmotiongli, Andrey Armyagov, DaCosta Creative

Presenter: Maxim Jago