Bring assets from Sketch into your XD projects using several methods.


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What you learned: How to import assets from Sketch using a few methods

Methods for importing assets from Sketch

There are a few methods you can use to import assets from Sketch, including dragging Sketch assets into XD and opening a Sketch document in XD.

Note: While you can copy and paste from Sketch, to retain similar fidelity and editability, dragging that same content from Sketch into XD is preferred.

Tip: You can also export assets from Sketch and import those into your XD project.

Importing Sketch assets using the Open command

  • Choose File > Open From Your Computer (MacOS) or click the menu in the upper-left corner and choose Open From Your Computer (Windows). Select a Sketch document and click Open. The Sketch document is opened in XD and converted to an editable XD document.

Note: You can only open Sketch files created using Sketch version 43 or newer.

See a list of supported features when opening Sketch files in XD.

Importing Sketch assets by dragging and dropping

  • Open the Sketch file in Sketch.
  • Select content in the Sketch document.
  • In the Inspector on the right, click the plus (+) to the right of Make Exportable. Choose SVG from the Format menu.
  • Drag the content from the Layers panel on the left into XD. The editable content is embedded in the XD document.