Read this article to know how to download Captivate Prime Learner app for smartphones and tablets. Learn how to consume courses using your mobile or tablet.

Captivate Prime learner app for mobiles

Captivate Prime app for learners is available for both android phone users and iPhone users. Go to either Google Play Store (Android OS) or iTunes (mac OS), and download the Captivate Prime app.

After you download and install this app, log in to the app using your learner credentials. The screen displays the home page with the following tabs: My Learning and My Job Aids. 

Tap My Learning to view the courses that you are enrolled in, and their completion status.

Using the Captivate Prime mobile app

Viewing and consuming courses

When you open the Captivate Prime mobile app, by default the screen displays the courses that you are enrolled in. The My Learning widget displays all the courses and your completion or enrollment status alongside.

Tap a course to view the details of the course, your completion date (if applicable). You can either Continue or Revisit the course from this screen, depending on your completion status.

Viewing catalogs

Tap the icon next to the book icon at the bottom of the screen. You can immediately view the catalog with all the associated learning objects.

Sorting and learning objects

Click the sort icon at the upper right corner of the courses or catalog screen to sort the learning objects alphabtically (ascending or descending), or by published date. You can also filter the learning objects by type, completion status, skills, or by tags. Tap and select the filter and tap Apply to apply the filter.

Using the Search functionality

At the bottom of your phone screen, you can see a search icon. Tap that icon to search for learning objects by course metadata, unique Id, skills, and so on. You can also view your recent searches in this screen.

Managing profile, settings, and notification

Tap the sandwich menu at the bottom of the screen to manage your profile, notifications, downloads, as well as account settings. 

This menu also allows you to scan the QR code for marking attendance for courses. All you need to do is, tap the Scan QR Code option and scan the code.

Captivate Prime for iPad and tablets

In Captivate Prime app on iPad or Android tablet, after you log in as a learner, you can see the following Home screen:

Home screen
Home screen

To navigate to learning and catalog features, tap the Menu drop-down and choose appropriate option.

Menu drop-down
Menu drop-down


You have an option to view the set of courses in a list view instead of tiled/cards view. 

Access the app off-line

You can access the Captivate Prime app off-line in iPad and Android tablets. You can download courses and learning programs. Take courses, consume the Learning programs in off-line mode and synchronize the content back with online app when you connect to the network.

  1. Tap Menu drop-down at the top and tap Learning option. A list of all the available courses is displayed in tiles.
  2. Tap the download icon at the bottom of each learning object tile, to download the learning content.
Accessing Captivate Prime offline
Accessing Captivate Prime offline

    3. A prompt appears in a bar at the top of the app denoting the network status of the device. 

a. Red bar indicates that the network is not available for the device. 

b. Green bar indicates network is back online. 

User can switch back to online mode by clicking view online content button on the green bar. Content in the device is synchronized when the user switches to online mode. 

Track device storage

You can monitor your device storage periodically.

Tap the profile icon at the upper-right corner of the app and tap Device Storage menu option.

Device Storage
Device Storage

An app storage information dialog appears as shown below.

App storage information
App storage information

Using the app storage information, you can check the total space of device, app and the downloaded courses. This information enables you to download courses accordingly. To delete the downloaded courses in the device, tap delete icon adjacent to each course name.

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