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Learn about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime has launched the latest version in April 2017. Read on to know the new features and enhancements that are available in this release of Captivate Prime. For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Captivate Prime, see Feature summary | earlier releases.


New features in Captivate Prime April 2017 release

The following new features have been introduced in the Captivate Prime April 2017 release.

Widget-based Learner App

The Learner’s home page has now been completely revamped. As a learner, the new widget-based Learner home page makes managing your courses, skills, and achievements a cake walk. With a single click you can now view and manage all your upcoming and completed courses. Be it your skills or achievements, you can now view them right from the Home page.

See the following image to view some of the widgets from the new Learner's home page:

You can see widgets such as My Learning, Skills, Calendar, and so on, to easily view and consume courses as a learner. Further, as a learner, you can personalize your homepage by rearranging your widgets by dragging and dropping them on the home page.

Apart from the easy-to-use widgets, you can also perform a search in your entire LMS that spans all the learning objects, catalogs, skills, notes, and discussions. Simply type your search keyword on the Search bar at the top of the page to receive the entire list of results within seconds.

For detailed information on the new home page, see Learner home page in Captivate Prime.

Administrator settings for Learner Dashboard:

As an administrator, you can control what learners see in the Learner Home page. You can enable or disable the widgets that will be active in the Learners Home page. To set the Learner dashboard settings, from the Administrator app, click Settings from the left pane.

Click Learner Dashboard. From the Learner Dashboard Settings page, select the widgets that you want to enable in the Learners Page. Whatever is not selected will not appear on the Learners page.

Configuring learner dashboard in Captivate Prime
Configuring learner dashboard in Captivate Prime

For more information on how to use the new Learners page, see Learners in Captivate Prime.

Captivate Prime mobile app for learners

Learners can now easily view and consume courses using the Captivate Prime mobile app. Download this app from the Google Play Store (Android OS), or iTunes (mac OS), and login to start using this Captivate Prime learners app.

You can view the learning objects that you are enrolled in, using this app. You can sort the learning objects, filter them by type and completion status, and consume courses by clicking on the course that you want to take. You can also view and receive notifications in this app.

Now, as a learner, you can consume courses even when you are offline, or when you are on the go. To know more about using Captivate Prime in mobiles, see Captivate Prime leaner app for mobiles.

Marking attendance using QR code

Captivate Prime now allows learners to easily mark their attendance for classroom sessions using their mobile devices. Learners just need to login to the mobile app and tap the QR Scan Code. The mobile camera opens with the scanning screen. Scan the QR code given by the instructor and mark the attendance in a few seconds. 

Scan the QR code using your mobile camera
Scan the QR code using your mobile camera

Instructor role

Captivate Prime now introduces instructors for modules. Instructors can manage module sessions including the time, venue, and seat limit for the modules that are assigned to them. Instructors can also mark the attendance for module sessions, and completion status for learners. Instructors can provide quiz score and provide qualitative feedback about learners.

See the following image to view an end-to-end workflow for instructors in Captivate Prime.

End-to-end workflow for instructors in Captivate Prime
End-to-end workflow for instructors

To view detailed information on Instructors, see Instructors in Captivate Prime.

Peer account

Captivate Prime now offers you the ability to share purchased seats using the Peer account feature. As an administrator, you can create peer accounts with whom you can share your purchased seats. In addition, the administrator who has initiated the sharing of seats can also view the reports of the peer accounts.

This feature is helpful for example, in an enterprise where an administrator can share seats with a department or a division. They can further customize the LMS while sharing the seats, reports, and catalogs with the administrator.

To know how to create and manage peer accounts, see Peer accounts.

Course equivalency offerings

As an author you can now provide learners the option to consume learning objects in their preferred language and format. You can add modules in several languages when you create a course. All you have to do is, click the Add New Language option when you add a module or a course.

Add New Languages for courses, certifications, and learning plans
Add New Languages for courses, certifications, and learning plans

You can then select the required languages and click Add to add modules in various locales. To know more about creating modules in other languages, see Courses.

You can also add the course, certification metadata in other languages when you create a course catalog. This will ensure that both the course content and the metadata for each learning object are available in the chosen languages. This allows you to manage multilingual courses as a single learning object.

Learner Transcript

Earlier you could generate transcripts in Captivate Prime, associated with users. Now, Captivate Prime offers managers and administrators the ability to download transcript data to track the learning history of individuals as well as teams. You can now view the following new dashboards and information from the Learner Transcript excel sheet that you download from the Captivate Prime application:

1- Learning Activity Dashboard: In this LO-specific dashboard, you can view the number of learners for each course, learning program, or certification. You can view the progress sheet for learners for a particular learning object. This sheet displays data like the number of learners who have completed the course or learning program, learners in progress, and learners' due dates.

2- Learning Activity Dashboard: This learning dashboard displays data for a specific user. From this dashboard, you can see the courses, learning programs, or certifications that a particular user has enrolled in. The table also displays data on which learning objects the user has completed, the learning objects in progress, and upcoming due dates for the user.

1 & 2- Skill Dashboard: In this dashboard, you can filter a specific user or several users and view their skill level as a dashboard. This sheet can help managers and administrators track how skilled each learner is as compared to how skilled they are expected to be. The Skill dashboard also throws light on the learners who need to refresh their skills.

Compliance Dashboard: The Compliance Dashboard has two parts - compliance report per user and compliance report per training. For the user-based report, you can use the Compliance Dashboard to track users who have upcoming due dates for important compliance initiatives. For the training-based report, you can filter by learning program or certification.

From the Administrators dashboard, click Reports > Learner Transcript. Choose the required parameters and then download the transcript.

Integration with other content providers

Captivate Prime has introduced three new connectors in this release, so that learners can access and consume courses from the following content providers: Lynda.com, getAbstract, and Harvard ManageMentor. Read on to know more about the respective connectors:

Lynda connector: This connector can be used by enterprise customers of Lynda.com who would like their learners to discover and consume Lynda courses from within Captivate Prime. The connector can be configured to fetch courses from Lynda.com periodically with your API key. Once a course is created within Prime, users can search for them and consume them. Learner progress can then be tracked within Captivate Prime.

getAbstract: This connector can be used by enterprise customers of getAbstract.com, who would like their learners to discover and consume getAbstract summaries. The connector can be configured to fetch usage data periodically, based on which learner completion records are created within Captivate Prime. To use this connector, you need API access to getAbstract and you also need to work with getAbstract to set up a periodic data feed for capturing usage data.

Harvard ManageMentor: This connector can be used by enterprise customers of Harvard ManageMentor, who would like their learners to discover and consume Harvard ManageMentor courses. The connector helps create courses within Prime, and can be configured to fetch learner progress data periodically. To capture the learner data, you need to work with Harvard Manager Mentor to setup a periodic data feed.

To know how to configure and use each of these connectors, see Connectors.

Integration of Prime with content providers
Integration of Prime with content providers


You must buy the subscription for the above mentioned content providers separately.

Unique ID for Learning Objects

While creating Learing Objects, now authors and administrators can specify unique IDs for the courses, learning programes, or certifications. The unique ID can consist of alphabets and numbers. However, you cannot add special characters to the unique ID.

No two unique IDs should be the same. That is, each learning object has a unique ID that you specify.

Search using Unique ID

The unique IDs for learning objects help authors or administrators search for learning objects by their unique ID. This is also very helpful in differntiating learning objects that may have the same name.

Administrator settings for Unique ID

If you want to enable unique ID when creating a learning object, click Settings > General. Select the Enable check box next to the Unique Learning Object Ids option.

Discussion board for learners

As a learner you can now interact with your peers and instructors using the Discussion board in courses. When you log in to Captivate Prime, and view or enroll into a course, you can see a Discussion tab next to Notes and Modules. Click the Discussion tab and start posting your views and notes.

As a learner you can view all the posts for courses. However, you can also delete only those posts that you entered. For more information about Discussion board, see Viewing and participating in discussions.

Administrator settings for Discussion board:

For the learners to view and participate in the discussion board, you must enable this feature. Log in to the Administrator app, and click Settings. Click General from the left pane, and select the Enable checkbox for Discussion board.

As an administrator, you can also view and delete all the posts for all the courses. If you have enrolled in a course, you can also post comments for that course.

Post notes and comments using the Discussion tab
Post notes and comments using the Discussion tab


The Discussion board settings at the course level takes precedence over the general settings. To enable or disable Discussion Board at the course level, from the administrator app, click Courses > Settings. Configure the Discussion Board settings.

Enhancements in Captivate Prime April 2017 release

X out of Y courses

The completion criteria for learning objects such as courses, certifications, and learning plans can be set such that learners need to complete only X out of Y modules or courses. For example, the completion criteria for a Scrum basics course can be 2 modules out of 4. That is, the learner can take two modules to complete the course. The other two modules are optional. In this case, when the learner completes one module, the progress bar displays a completion percentage of 50%. For more information of this feature, see Course completion criteria.

Authors can similarly set the completion criteria for certifications and learning plans as well. 

Course Moderation

Administrators now receive notifications whenever an author edits or updates modules and republishes a course. Click the notifications icon on top of the Administrator dashboard to view the course moderation notification.

As an administrator you can click the notification to view the changes. You can then either approve or reject the updates to the course.

To enable this feature for courses, click Settings > General. Select the check box next to the Course Moderation option.

See Course Moderation to learn more about the Course Moderation functionality in Captivate Prime.

Administrator settings for resetting modules
Now, administrators have the ability to configure the Reset Module option to allow learners to reset a failed or an incomplete course. To enable this option, log in to the administrator app. Click Settings > General, and select the Enable check box for Reset Module Option.

You can also enable or disable this feature at the course level. To configure the reset module option at the course level, click Courses > Settings. Select the check box next to the Module Reset Option.

Report Catalog

When you create reports in Captivate Prime, you can now choose “Catalog” as an option for your X-axis. That is, you can generate reports and graphs for catalogs now. Earlier you could choose only courses, course instance or enrollment type, and so on.

Choose Catalog in the X-axis for reports in Captivate Prime
Choose Catalog in the X-axis for reports

In the Filters field, you can choose Catalog as an option when you generate Learner reports.

Learning Plan enhancements

Administrators can now create Learning Plans of the types On Date. With the On Date Learning Plan, an administrator can specify the event name, choose the date for the event, and select the user group for whom the event belongs to. If the event is triggered, the administrator can specify the learning object that needs to be assigned to the specific user or users.

In the User Completes a Learning Object Learning Plan, earlier the Completion Status had only option: Completed. As an administrator, you can now trigger learning plan events for Completion and Passed, and Completion but Failed. In these two conditions, you can specify two different events that need to be triggered.

On a Date - Learning Plan in Captivate Prime
On a Date - Learning Plan

The two new options under Completion Status for learning plans
The two new options under Completion Status for learning plans

Administrators can now select Classroom or VC type courses against the On event, Assign to User field.

Course specific enrollment messages

Administrators can now configure and send course specific enrollment messages via email, to learners. To configure these messages, click Email Templates from the left pane. Select the Learning Activity tab, and configure your course enrollment message.


Configure course specific enrollment messages
Configure course specific enrollment messages

The above mentioned setting is at the account level. Apart from this, both administrators and authors can go to a specific learning object, and click Email Templates.

From the available templates, the author of the learning object or the administrator can click the Course - Enrollment template and modify this template. Once this modified message is saved, the course level message takes preceedence over the account level email template.

Sticky announcements

As an administrator, you can now enable Sticky feature for announcements. To enable this feature, from the administrator app, click Announcements. Click Add, or edit an existing announcement. From the announcement dialog box, click Advance Settings and select the Sticky check box.

The announcement now appears on top of the Learner page as a widget, until the end date that you have specified during the announcement creation.

Support for URL in announcements

You can add URLs as announcements by adding the URL in HTML. For example, you can add a sample URL such as: <a href="http://www.w3schools.com" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools</a>

Add New Delivery Types (Courses)

You can now easily add delivery types for your courses in Captivate Prime. All you have to do is select the course for which you want to add a delivery type, and click Edit on the Basic Info page. You can then use the Add More Delivery Types option from the Modules field to add delivery types.

Author role enhancements

Earlier authors could only create modules and courses. Now, authors also have the ability to create certifications and learning programs for learners.

Author role to external users

As an administrator, you can now assign author roles to external users.

Multiple authors

Earlier, only one author had the permission to edit a content group at a given point in time. Now, multiple authors can simultaneously edit the same content group. The version which was the last saved will be retained as the latest version of the content group.

Adobe Connect enhancements

You can now configure a single Adobe Connect URL with multiple Prime accounts.

Support for new languages

Support for Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian is available from this release.

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