Why did DPS change its name to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile?

On February 22, 2016, Adobe announced a new product called Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, this new product combines the functionality of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) and Adobe Experience Manager Apps—plus delivers brand new capabilities—into one comprehensive mobile offering for the enterprise. Learn more about what Experience Manager Mobile has to offer in this blog post.

What does this mean for existing DPS customers?

DPS is now part of Experience Manager Mobile, so you will continue to have uninterrupted access to all of the DPS features you’ve been using.

The main change you’ll notice is that DPS branding and URLs will be changed in the various places:

  • Product URLs have changed. For example, is now The previous URLs are redirected automatically.
  • The DPS Preflight app is now called the AEM Preflight app.
  • When you update InDesign, the export option will change from “DPS Article” to “Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Article.”

What is Adobe Experience Manager Mobile?

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile helps design and marketing teams easily create beautiful apps with rich content. With AEM Mobile, you can drive deep engagement with your mobile users and also business impact for your organization. AEM Mobile includes groundbreaking features to enable continuous mobile publishing, deliver engaging mobile app experiences, and provide measurable business impact—all built on an enterprise-grade platform from Adobe.

What is the difference between Experience Manager Mobile and Digital Publishing Suite?

Experience Manager Mobile (previously referred to as Digital Publishing Solution) completely reimagines Digital Publishing Suite. AEM Mobile has been built from the ground-up to help organizations drive deep engagement with their mobile users with beautiful, compelling content created by design and creative teams. Learn more at the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile product page.

How does AEM Mobile integrate with other Adobe solutions?

Digital Publishing Solution integrates deeply with both Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Using Creative Cloud, users can natively produce fixed-layout content with Adobe InDesign for use in DPS apps. They can also use products like Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse to create HTML-based app content. DPS also integrates tightly with Marketing Cloud solutions. DPS apps include analytics powered by Adobe Analytics, and extended, drill-down analysis of analytics data is available for customers with an Adobe Analytics subscription. In addition, marketing teams can also flow templatized, HTML-based app content using Adobe Experience Manager into DPS apps, helping to accelerate time-to-market and reduce mobile app production costs.

How do I create content for AEM Mobile apps?

With Experience Manager Mobile, design and creative teams can create mobile app content using a wide variety of sources—including fixed-layout content from Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint, or responsive HTML content from Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, HTML authoring tools, or content management systems (CMS) such as Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, or WordPress. Digital Publishing Solution also supports content from editorial workflow solutions like Woodwing or Vjoon, as well as other custom CMS and editorial workflow solutions. 

Do I need to switch my existing Digital Publishing Suite apps to Experience Manager Mobile?

Although Experience Manager Mobile provides enhanced content creation and engagement features for mobile apps, customers can still continue to create and edit Digital Publishing Suite apps.

Do articles I create for Experience Manager Mobile appear in my Digital Publishing Suite app?

No. Digital Publishing Suite and Experience Manager Mobile are entirely separate publishing systems that are independent of each other.

Will I still preview content in the Content Viewer app?

Experience Manager Mobile does not use the Content Viewer app. Instead, use the AEM Preflight app to view content in their projects. The AEM Preflight app is available in all supported app stores (iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store). The Content Viewer app will remain available in app marketplaces for as long as Digital Publishing Suite is maintained in order to facilitate folio workflows.

Are analytics included with AEM Mobile apps?

AEM Mobile allows you to gain insight into a level of analytics at no additional charge to measure your app’s performance and its impact on the business. Customers with an Adobe Analytics subscription (available separately) can access custom, drill-down reporting for extended analysis. Apps are pre-configured with analytics; no tagging or custom implementation is required. For details, see Analytics.

Free trial

How can I try Experience Manager Mobile?

To experience the capabilities of Experience Manager Mobile, existing customers can use their credentials to access the new product, and new users can sign up for a free trial.

Sign up for a free trial.


Purchasing options

How much does Digital Publishing Solution cost?

Experience Manager Mobile is an enterprise solution, customized to the individual needs and use cases of each company. Specific pricing for customers is available by contacting an Adobe representative at

Getting started

How can I get started with AEM Mobile?

Check out the Experience Manager Mobile help topics for all you need to get started—video and step-by-step-tutorials, Help content, and links to resources offering comprehensive product support from Adobe and our knowledgeable community.

Where can I find agencies and partners to help me with my app?

Experience Manager Mobile has a robust ecosystem of creative agency and technical partners that can help you get your app off the ground. For more information, contact an Adobe representative at

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