The AEM Preflight app is now available in all supported stores: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

With the AEM Preflight app, you can sign in and view all the projects to which you have access. Once you select a project, you can then preview the app contents, including browse pages and articles.

The AEM Preflight app is useful for previewing content and browse pages. The AEM Preflight app does not support custom fonts for the app menu or entitlement options such as purchases and paywalls. If you want to test custom fonts or see what your app's icon and launch images look like, build a custom preflight app. See Previewing project content for AEM Mobile.


When you click the Preflight icon, new or updated content is available in the preflight app within seconds of completion. However, note that preflight content can take longer to download than published content. The servers used for preflight are slower than the distribution servers.

Using Preflight video

Using Preflight video
Use the AEM Mobile Preflight app to preview the content in the created project. (4 min)

Make content available in the AEM Preflight app

  1. Make sure that the content you want to preview is added to the top-level collection or to a descendant of the top-level collection. Content that does not appear in the top-level collection or its descendants will not appear in the app.
  2. Click the Preflight icon in the Content & Layouts section of the Portal to make content available in your app.
  3. Whenever you add or change content, click the Preflight icon again to make the changes available.

If content does not appear in the AEM Preflight app, see Content does not appear in app for troubleshooting.

Switching to a different project

To switch to a different project, tap the "My Projects" option at bottom of the app menu. 

Signing in using a different account

To sign out and sign in using a different account, tap the "My Projects" option at bottom of the app menu, tap the icon in the upper left corner of the My Projects page, and then choose Sign Out.

Viewing content in different orientations

  • To change the orientation for the iOS or Android version of the AEM Preflight app, go to My Projects view and rotate the device to the desired orientation before launching the project. When you tap the project to view it, the app is set to the current orientation.
  • To change the orientation for the Windows version of the AEM Preflight app, you can rotate the device to view content in different orientations. Make sure that the device orientation is unlocked in Settings > Screen.

Changing AEM Preflight settings (iOS)

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, tap your Settings app, and then tap AEM Preflight.
  2. If you want to clear your cached and downloaded content, swipe the Clear Cache button.
  3. If you want to use WKWebView instead of UIWebView, swipe the Enable WKWebView button. For details, see Building iOS apps: Plug-ins settings.