Ви переглядаєте довідкову інформацію для версії:

Modify the Script

The comment.hbs script is responsible for creating the overall HTML for each comment.

To not display the avatar next to each posted comment:

  1. copy comment.hbs from libs to apps
    1. select /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment/comment.hbs
    2. select Copy
    3. select /apps/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment
    4. select Paste
  2. open the overlaid comment.hbs
    • double-click on node comment.hbs in   /apps/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment folder
  3. find the following lines and either delete or comment them out:
  <aside class="scf-comment-author">
        <img class="scf-comment-avatar {{#if topLevel}}withTopLevel{{/if}}" src="{{author.avatarUrl}}"></img>


Either delete the lines, or surround them with '<!--' and '-->' to comment them out.  Also, the characters 'xxx' are being added as a visual indicator of where the avatar would have been.

   <!-- do not display avatar with comment
    <aside class="scf-comment-author">
        <img class="scf-comment-avatar {{#if topLevel}}withTopLevel{{/if}}" src="{{author.avatarUrl}}"></img>

Replicate the Overlay

Push the overlaid comments component to the publish instance using the Replication Tool.


A more robust form of replication would be to create a package in Package Manager and activate it.  A package can be exported and archived.


From the global navigation, select Tools,  Deployment, Replication and then Activate Tree.  

For the Start Path enter /apps/social/commons and select Activate.


View Results

If you login to the publish instance as an administrator, e.g.,  http://localhost:4503/crx/de as admin/admin, you can verify the overlaid components are there.

If you logout and re-login as aaron.mcdonald@mailinator.com/password and refresh the page, you will observe that the posted comment no longer displays with an avatar, instead a simple 'xxx' is displayed.