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New features summary

  1. Learning Manager User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. New features summary
    2. Release Notes
    3. System requirements | Adobe Learning Manager
    4. Adobe Learning Manager reference site (ALM reference site) package for AEM Sites
    5. Adobe Learning Manager App for Microsoft Teams
    6. Learning Manager compliance to GDPR
    7. Accessibility in Learning Manager
    8. Support for custom domain
  3. Get Started
    1. Getting started as Administrator
    2. Getting started as an Author
    3. Getting started as a Learner
    4. Getting started for Managers
    5. Getting started as an instructor in Learning Manager
  4. Administrator
    1. User log in
    2. Add users and create user groups
    3. Add classroom locations
    4. Create course modules, instances, and learning programs
    5. Content marketplace
    6. Reports
    7. Learning Paths
    8. Learning plans
    9. Manage Learning Manager orders and billing
    10. Job Aids
    11. Certifications
    12. Catalogs
    13. Add users in bulk
    14. Impersonate a Learner and Manager
    15. Multiple SSO Logins
    16. Peer accounts
    17. Create and modify skills and levels
    18. AI-based recommendation of courses
    19. Gamification
    20. Customize learner homepage
    21. Badges
    22. Color themes
    23. Learner transcripts
    24. Waitlist & attendance management
    25. Fluidic player
    26. Announcements
    27. Email templates
    28. Adobe Connect integration
    29. Settings
    30. Notifications
    31. iPad & Android tablet users
    32. Getting started as Administrator
    33. Purge users
    34. Tags
    35. Learning Manager Content Catalog
    36. Custom roles
    37. Catalog labels
    38. xAPI in Learning Manager
    39. Monitoring and moderating Social Learning as an admin
    40. Enable full control of shared catalog
    41. Map skill with skill domains
  5. Integration Admin
    1. Migration manual
    2. Learning Manager Connectors
    3. Integrate Learning Manager with AEM
    4. Install Salesforce package in Learning Manager
    5. Install Microsoft Teams connector
    6. Application developer manual
    7. Learning Manager App for Salesforce
    8. Settings
    9. Manage custom roles via CSV files
  6. Authors
    1. User login
    2. Content library
    3. Creating, modify, and publish courses
    4. Catalogs
    5. Job Aids
    6. Adobe Connect integration
    7. Add learning objects in different locales
    8. User notifications
    9. Email templates
    10. How to choose course modules?
    11. Preview as learner
    12. Settings
    13. xAPI in Learning Manager
  7. Instructor
    1. Modules
    2. Managing learners for your session
  8. Learner
    1. Log in
    2. Profile Settings
    3. Catalogs
    4. Courses
    5. Fluidic player
    6. Learning Programs
    7. Certifications
    8. Job Aids
    9. Badges
    10. Skills & Levels
    11. Gamification
    12. User notifications
    13. Announcements
    14. Waitlist & attendance management
    15. Learning Manager app for Salesforce
    16. Adobe Connect integration
    17. Learner App for mobiles and tablets
    18. Social Learning in Learning Manager
    19. Adobe Learning Manager desktop application
    20. Learner home page
    21. Share to Social Learning
    22. System requirements | Adobe Learning Manager desktop application
  9. Manager
    1. User log in
    2. Manager dashboard
    3. Reports
    4. Learning Objects
    5. User notifications
    6. Learner transcripts
    7. Settings
    8. iPad & Android tablet users
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators
    2. Frequently Asked Questions for Authors
    3. Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors
    4. Frequently Asked Questions for Managers
  11. Knowledge Base
    1. Unable to log in to Learning Manager
    2. Learning Summary does not display current data
    3. Unable to upload a CSV
    4. Generate a HAR file
    5. L1 feedback auto popup does not appear
    6. Unable to view certain courses under catalog while creating a Certification
    7. Unable to view certain course under catalog while creating a Learning Program
    8. Issues in retiring a Learning Program
    9. Unable to assign a badge
    10. Session expires in Learning Manager
    11. Unable to search a course
    12. Troubleshoot migration issues
    13. Troubleshoot Learning Manager app issues
    14. Users get auto deleted in Learning Manager
    15. Publishing issues in the EU domain
    16. Unable to register as external user
    17. Okta Active Directory integration with Adobe Learning Manager
    18. Unable to view learners in a course
    19. Unable to view calendar
    20. Module is not marked complete after completing a course
    21. Unable to achieve a skill after completing a course
    22. Radio buttons are missing
    23. Unable to view file submissions in Learning Manager

Learn about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Learning Manager

What's new in this release

Improved Recommendations

Adobe Learning Manager has introduced a new and revamped recommendation system for courses. This recommendations feature uses AI algorithms and users’ interests like Products, Roles, and Levels to provide personalized content recommendations.

For more information, see Recommendations in Adobe Learning Manager.


In this release of Adobe Learning Manager, we are introducing multi-enrollment for learners that allow learners to enroll in more than one instance of a course at one or different time periods. 

For more information, see Multiple enrollments.

Multi-enrollments in mobile app or immersive

Learners cannot enroll in multiple instances from a mobile app/immersive. Multi-enrollment isn't supported in mobile app and immersive mobile web.


Enabling Multi-Enrollment results in multiple rows being added to the Learner Transcript Report for each course (one row for each instance). 

If you've reporting automation set up that anticipates only one row per course, you must make the necessary adjustments to the reporting automation before enabling the Multi-Enrollment feature.

Deprecation of Exavault Connector

This release of Adobe Learning Manager will include a new connector, which will use AWS Transfer family's SFTP protocol. 

This change will also replace the ExaVault connector, which will no longer be available for new users. You may use any open-source FTP client as a replacement for ExaVault. For more information, see Transition from Adobe FTP Manager.

Reminders in Outlook for Classroom and Virtual Sessions

Classroom and Virtual Classroom sessions created from Adobe Learning Manager that have been added to the learner’s Outlook calendar will now support reminders from Outlook consistently (similar to meeting reminders in Outlook).

Enhancements to Assigning Skills to Courses

We've made enhancements to the Skill assignment workflow for Authors. The Skills suggestions list on the course Settings page now includes a typeahead search capability. Authors can now search for Skills by typing the first few characters, and suggestions will be displayed in the Skill drop-down list based on the input. With this enhancement, Authors need not scroll through the complete list to find and assign skills to courses.

Manager-Approved Course Workflow Improvements

Manager-approved courses now provide appropriate error information to both managers and learners.

Managers can now view relevant error messages with information (for example, the enrollment deadline has passed) when they cannot approve a course enrolment request. Learners are shown the error and the remedial action.

New Learning Plan Report

Admins/custom admins can now export a list of all Learning Plans in the account and metadata such as status, applicable user groups, trigger information, courses/learning paths included within the learning plan, and reminder information.

For more information, see 

Report to Track Upcoming Retired Instances

The Trainings Report includes an additional column to display the Completion Deadline of the instances present in the courses or Learning Paths so that admins and authors know which instances will be retired and can take necessary action.

Enhancements to Capture Course Ratings from Learners

A pop-up to capture the star rating for a course displays as soon as the user completes the last module in the course.

Customize Email Templates

Email templates in Learning Manager now include fully editable sections, providing greater flexibility to customize email communications based on messaging and branding preferences.

For more information, see Customize email template.

Enhancements to Scheduling Assistant

Fine-tune the process of selecting an instructor for classroom or virtual sessions. A User Group filter has been added to the Instructor field in the Scheduling Assistant. Authors can now filter instructors based on ‘Instructor Skills’ and any additional parameter such as location, language, designation, and so on.

For more information, see User Group filter in Scheduling Assistant.

Enhancements to the Learning Object Retiring Workflow

Authors can now provide an Auto Retire date for a course. This helps prevent catalog inflation over time and the need to go back and manually retire the courses.

Admins can also decide at an account level the nature of access to ‘retired’ learning objects.

The Training Report includes a new column, Auto Retirement Date, to display the retirement date for each learning object (if set).

Catalog Label Values by Authors

Authors can now add their values for catalog labels while creating or editing a course. Admins can enable this feature at an account level. After an author adds a new catalog label value, it becomes part of the typeahead search.

Enhancements to course search for Admin, Author, and Manager Roles

Search enhancements have been made for admin, author, and manager roles. They will now be able to search with keywords for the titles. This applies to Courses, Learning Paths, and Certifications.

Notifications for Migration Failures

Integration Admins are notified via email if any import or export operations fail during the migration or while using data connectors such as PowerBI, FTP, Box, etc.

Multi-Manager Configuration Through APIs

A new API has been added to the Managed Office set of APIs to support multi-manager configuration.

Enhancements to the Enrolment API

Enhancements have been made to the Enrolment API to support and optimize large-scale bulk enrolments.

Mobile App – Offline Content Viewing

Learners can download and consume content in offline mode. Nested and flexible Learning Paths are not supported for offline viewing.


Multiple improvements have been implemented to enhance accessibility, including enhancements to optimize readability by screen readers.

Other enhancements

Switch instances in MS Teams

A learner can switch to a different course instance until its completion and retain the course progress.

Multi-enrollment support in MS Teams

A learner can enroll in another course instance irrespective of completion status on any previous instances. Doing so will make the learner enroll in multiple instances of the same course.

Course notes support multi-enrollment in MS Teams

Course notes are available at a course-instance level to support multi-enrollment.

API changes

For more information on the API changes, see the Adobe Learning Manager API reference.

API support for new recommendations

GET /account

Returns if prlRecommendation is enabled.



GET /data?filter.recommendationCriteria=product

Returns list of Products/Topics. Results depend on account settings which confirm if all products will be visible to the learner or catalog visible to products/topics.



GET /data?filter.recommendationCriteria=role

Returns list of recommended Roles. 



GET /data?filter.recommendationCriteria=level

Returns list of recommended Roles. 



POST /search/query

The search also includes products and role parameters in query. There is no change in query and body. We will add new sorting options 



GET /learningObjects

The Learning Object model returns author-tagged recommendations if the PRL recommendation is live.

Request URL


POST /learningObjects/query

The following attributes are supported in body of query call:

  "filter.announcedGroups": [
  "filter.bookmarks": true,
  "filter.catalogIds": [
  "filter.cityName": [
  "filter.duration.range": [
  "filter.effectiveModifiedDate.fromDate": "string",
  "filter.effectiveModifiedDate.toDate": "string",
  "filter.excludeIgnoredRecommendations": true,
  "filter.ignoreEnhancedLP": true,
  "filter.ignoreHigherOrderLOEnrollment": true,
  "filter.lang.subLOs": true,
  "filter.lang.twoLetterCode": true,
  "filter.learnerState": [
  "filter.loFormat": [
  "filter.loTypes": [
  "filter.price": "string",
  "filter.priceRange": [
  "filter.recommendationLevels": [
  "filter.skill.level": [
  "filter.skillName": [
  "filter.tagName": [
  "language": [
  "preferredSortPartitionOrder": [
  "showLoContentSource": true,
  "useCache": true,
  "filter.recommendationProducts": [
      "levels": [
      "name": "string"
  "filter.recommendationRoles": [
      "levels": [
      "name": "string"

GET /recommendationProducts

Retrieves PRL product by recommendationProduct Id. 

Request URL


GET /recommendationRoles

Retrieves PRL product by recommendationProduct Id. Only visible roles of (Learning Objects) will be returned.

Request URL


POST /users/{id}/recommendationPreferences

Creates / Re-Create (Override) PRL recommendation Preferences. Sample payload:

    "data": {
        "id": "userRecommendationPreferences:14755328",
        "type": "userRecommendationPreferences",
        "attributes": {
            "products": [
                    "id": "recommendationProduct:1",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07T20:00:00.000Z"
                    "id": "recommendationProduct:37",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07T21:00:00.000Z"
            "roles": [
                    "id": "recommendationRole:23",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07'T'21:00:00.000'Z'"
                    "id": "recommendationRole:1",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07'T'20:01:00.000'Z'"
                    "id": "recommendationRole:2",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07'T'19:02:00.000'Z'"
                    "id": "recommendationRole:3",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07'T'18:02:00.000'Z'"
                    "id": "recommendationRole:20",
                    "dateCreated": "2023-05-07'T'17:02:00.000'Z'",
                    "levels": [

GET /users/{id}/recommendationPreferences

Request URL


DELETE /users/{id}/recommendationPreferences

Deletes PRL recommendation user preferences for a product or role.

Request URL


Params :

  • Ids = List of ids to delete

PATCH /users/{id}/recommendationPreferences

Partial Addition / Updation. Sample payload:

  "data": {
    "id": "userRecommendationPreferences:<USER_ID>",
    "type": "userRecommendationPreferences",
    "attributes": {
      "roles": [
          "id": "recommendationRole:123",
          "type": "recommendationRole",
          "attributes": {
            "levels": [
          "id": "recommendationRole:123",
          "type": "recommendationRole",
          "attributes": {
            "levels": [

POST /recommendationPreferences/learningObjects/{id}/ignore

Add LO to blocked recommendations.

Request URL


DELETE /recommendationPreferences/learningObjects/{id}/ignore

Deletes LO from blocked recommendations.

Request URL


GET /users/{id}/recommendationStrips

Retrieves all strips to be used to show prl recommendations

Multi Enroll Support for API

GET /primeapi/v2/account

Two new attributes are added :

  • instanceSwitchEnabled
  • multiEnrollmentEnabled

GET /users/{userId}/userNotifications 

Added course instance id in notifications in the new metadata attribute. 

GET /learningObjects

The enrollment relationship displays only primary enrollment, i.e., first enrolled or first completed.

GET /learningObjects/{id}

The enrollment relationship displays only primary enrollment, i.e., first enrolled or first completed.

GET /learningObjects/{loId}/instances/{loInstanceId} 

A new relationship is added to the LO instance model.

GET /enrollments/{id}

Retrieve enrollment of multi-enrolled courses.

DELETE /enrollments/{id}

Unenrolls from a particular learning object instance.

POST /enrollments

Supports enrollment in different instances.

GET /enrollments

Gets enrollments for only primary enrollments for the Learning Object.

GET /learningObjects/{id}/note 

Retrieves a list of notes for a course.

GET /learningObjects/{lo_id}/instances/{loi_id}/note

Retrieves a list of notes for a course and the instance.

GET /learningObjects/{id}/resources/{loResourceId}/note 

Retrieves a list of notes for a resource in a course.

POST /learningObjects/{id}/resources/{loResourceId}/note 

Adds a note in a module for a course for a given course.

DELETE /learningObjects/{id}/resources/{loResourceId}/note/{noteId} 

Deletes specific notes from a given module against a specific instance (part of loResource Id).

GET /learningObjects/{id}/resources/{loResourceId}/note/{noteId} 

Retrieves a specific note in a module in a course for a given instance (part of loResourceId).

PATCH /learningObjects/{id}/resources/{loResourceId}/note/{noteId} 

Updates specific notes from a given module against a specific instance (part of loResource Id).

Admin API changes

  • GET /users/{id}/enrollments
  • POST /users/{id}/enrollments 
  • DELETE /users/{id}/enrollments/{enrollmentId} 
  • PATCH /users/{id}/enrollments/{enrollmentId}

EnforcedFields for endpoints

Products and Roles are loaded only when enforced.

Example request

  • GET 'https://learningmanagerstage1.adobe.com/primeapi/v2/learningObjects/course%3A7418798?enforcedFields[learningObject]=products'
  • GET 'https://learningmanagerstage1.adobe.com/primeapi/v2/users/11255638/userBadges?include=model&page[offset]=0&page[limit]=10&sort=dateAchieved&enforcedFields[learningObject]=products,roles'

Search API changes Stemming implementation (English Loacale)

Stemming is the process of reducing a word to its root form. This ensures variants of a word match during a search. For example, walking and walked can be stemmed to the same root word: walk. Once stemmed, an occurrence of either word would match the other in a search.

In this release, we've added stemming for English locales, which includes the following variants - en_US, en_AU, en_GB. 

The stemmed attribute mentions if stemming is required in search results. This is by default set to False

Removal of V1 endpoints

V1 APIs will stop working in this release. For more information, see the Developer manual.

Notifications for course enrollment or unenrollment

This release introduces support for course instance id with notifications in the new metadata attribute.

L1 feedback support

Enables the learner to provide feedback at each instance level of the Multi Enrollment feature.

API: POST /enrollments/{id}/l1Feedback

Deprecation notice for the next release

  • Override flag for Learner APIs.
  • We'll change the default for highlightResults=false. Also, we'll change the default of snippetType=courseName.
  • We'll deprecate matchType=bool in the search endpoint.
  • autoCompleteMode has the [Deprecated] tag and to provide the same functionality of autoCompleteMode =false, we have a matchType added called Match.

Badge ID format with Multi Enrollment

To support multi-enrolled instance badges, we are changing the format of course badges from userId_badgeId_COURSE_courseId to userId_badgeId_COURSE_courseId_courseInstanceId to uniquely identify badges. 

Release Notes

For information regarding current and previous releases of Learning Manager web app and device app, see the Release notes.

Known issues or limitations in this release

The following are the limitations of this release:

Viewing offline content in the mobile app

The following are not supported while viewing offline content in the app:

  • Flex Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Enhanced Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Multi-quiz enabled-Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Harvard Manage Mentor, Content Marketplace, GetAbstract, or LinkedIn Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Learning Plans and Certificates with pre-requisites enabled.
  • Retired Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications whose deadline has expired.
  • External Certificates.
  • eCommerce-enabled Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.


The following are not supported for Product/Role/Level in the new recommendation system:

  • Adobe Experience Manager, Teams, SFDC, and Non-logged in.
  • The mobile app does not support editing Products and Roles on the Recommendation page.
  • The mapping isn't possible during migration.
  • Auto-tagging LinkedIn, Content marketplace, and other external Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications.
  • Reverting to Skill-based or Classic after going live.
  • The search menu for Products and Roles on the Learner app.
  • Bulk mapping of Courses, Learning Plans, or Certifications, and Users on the Admin app.

System Requirements

Previous releases of Adobe Learning Manager

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