Images are cut off or on the wrong area of the page

Images are cut off when printing from Lightroom Classic or Photoshop

When you print images from Lightroom Classic or Photoshop, images are cut off or on the wrong area of the page.


Make sure that the paper and paper feed method is correct for your printer and how you're feeding the paper.

  • In Lightroom Classic's Print module, choose Page Setup > Paper Size
  • In Photoshop, choose Print > Print Settings > Paper Size.

Additional information

Some printers have numerous paper size options. For example, Epson's professional printers have two main options for printing US Letter size: US Letter and US Letter (Sheet Feeder - Borderless [Retain Size]).

When you select US Letter, you have these options:

  • US Letter (Manual - Front)
  • US Letter
  • US Letter (Manual - Rear)
  • US Letter (Sheet Feeder - Borderless [Auto Expand])
  • US Letter (Manual - Rear - Borderless [Auto Expand])

When you select US Letter (Sheet Feeder - Borderless [Retain Size]), you have these options:

  • US Letter (Sheet Feeder - Borderless [Retain Size])
  • US Letter (Manual - Rear - Borderless [Retain Size])

If you use your sheet feeder, for example, and want to maintain the original image size, but choose a Manual - Rear borderless option, the image prints in the wrong location on the paper and is cut off.   Other paper sizes, such as 11 x 17 and 17 x 22 have similar options.

Note: Some options, such as borderless printing, aren't available with custom size pages. Contact your printer manual and printer manufacturer for more information.   Check the printer's manual to determine the appropriate option for your needs, or contact your printer manufacturer. Sometimes, it's necessary to experiment with the various options to choose one that works best for each paper size you print to.


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