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The Adobe Sign for Salesforce package is supported for two major versions behind the current major version. For instance, If the integration is currently on version 23.x, support extends back to verisons v21.0 and v22.0.

Customers running versions older than v21.0 have elevated security risk and are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the newest version to ensure the continuation of support. 

Note that Adobe Sign for Salesforce integration support for v19.x and v20.x expires in October 2021. Accounts that continue using these versions beyond the support window are subject to having the service disconnected. Contact your success manager if you have any questions or need assistance in upgrading your service.

Check here for more information regarding the integration life cycles.

Known Issues

As of the Spring '21 Salesforce update, guest users are not permitted to create or update agreements.

With the v21.5 update, Adobe Sign changed the event posting process from a Push process to a Pull process.

Where the Pull process improves a multitude of issues, the current API version doesn't support creating reminder events.

There is no current workaround for this issue.


When a sender has to prefill a field, that sender has to authenticate to Adobe Sign to gain access to the field. This happens seemlessly through the integration, so users typically wont be aware if it.

If the agreement is also configured to Host the signing for the first signer, a conflict arises as the established session is authenticated to the sender, and not the first signer.

Common Questions

The Uniform Index basically marks "All" the contacts in the object at the same recipient order, it means, it sets all the contacts to be able to sign in parallel.

Pre-requisites: It is exposed on the Agreement template, so it works with the Agreement templates with the Master object as Account/Opportunity. (An object that has a Contact-related list.)

  1. Open the Agreement Template > Add recipient related list > New button

  2. In the Source of Recipient list, select "All Account Contact Roles/All Opportunity Contact roles".
    It displays the Uniform Index check box.

  3. Select the Uniform Index check box.

  4. Click Save

Uniform Index

While sending the agreement using this template from the Master object, all the contacts as the recipient with the same index are specified in the Index box on the Agreement Template.

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