How to delete an agreement


Deleting an agreement record in Adobe Sign is a carefully controlled process that must be authorized by an account-level administrator.

Deleting an agreement from the system does not invalidate the agreement (if it was completed successfully), nor does it release the involved parties from their obligations.

Voiding a legal contract is a legal negotiation between the parties involved, just as creating the contract was, and permanently deleting an agreement should only be done when the company is confident the contract is no longer in effect.

User-level agreement deletion - Hide it from view

Given the above, Adobe Sign does not allow non-admin users to truly delete an agreement from the system.

What a user can do is Hide the agreement from their view.

A hidden agreement does not surface in searches or reporting. It is wholly excluded from the user's experience. (And can be unhidden if needed!)

Users that need to fully delete an agreement transaction muyst contact their account-level admin to complete the action.

Data Governance:
Agreement deletion after a fixed time window

Account-level administrators can configure data retention policies at the account and group levels.

Data governance rules apply to agreements that have achieved a terminal state (Complete, expired, or abandoned).

One rule is possible per group. The rule itself defines how long the agreement is retained in the Adobe Sign system after it becomes terminal, and if the Audit Report/SIR should be deleted with the Agreement PDFs.


Group-level admins do not have the authority to define data governance rules.  Account-level admin authority is required to configure the group-level settings

GDPR-based deletion

Privacy-level admins have the authority to fully delete an agreement in an ad hoc manner.

A Privacy Admin is an Account-level admin with additional authority. Any account admin can be promoted to Privacy level.

Privacy admins use GDPR tools to find and delete individual agreements.

API driven deletion

API-based agreement deletion can be enabled, where customer admins have the option to use the Adobe Sign API to remove documents individually.

This is a coded solution:

Contact the Support team to enable this option.


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