Adobe Acrobat Sign Notarize Integration

Overview - Notarize Integration

Adobe Acrobat Sign has partnered with Notarize, Inc. to provide Remote Online Notarization (RON) services.

Acrobat Sign's integration with Notarize Inc.'s RON service is only available for use in the US with business and enterprise service plans.

Specifying the notarization requirements for a participant when composing a new agreement

When the notarization feature is enabled for the Acrobat Sign account, the sender can select Requires notarization by selecting the ellipsis on the right side of the recipient record. 

The notarization option is only available for recipients with a Signer role.

Notarize signer configuration


The option to include other authentication methods is still available to vet user access to the agreement prior to the RON session.

Once the sender clicks Next, additional information is requested on the Notarization details page:

Notarize details configuration

Specify Notary Service

Notary Service Options available to the senders are based on the Notarize Transactions enabled for the sender based on the configurations defined by the admin in Send Settings. Notary Service Options are determined by purchased entitlements of Notarize offers. For more information on how to add Notary Services to your Acrobat Sign account, contact your Adobe sales representative. 

  • Use Notary on Demand service from Notarize, Inc. - Available for senders with access to Notary on Demand service. 

When using the Notary on Demand service there is an option available for the sender to specify that payment for the transaction needs to be made by the signer. When this option is selected, the signer will be prompted by Notarize to make the payment before the completed document can be made available. The Notarize Transaction quota for Notary on Demand associated with the sender account is not deducted when the signer pays Notarize, Inc. for the transaction.

  • Use notary provided by my organization - Available for senders with access to Notarize Inc.'s Bring Your Own Notary (BYON) service. 

You can optionally include the email address of the BYON notary while initiating notarization requests.

Confirm Files to be notarized

Allows senders to select all or a subset of documents to be marked as requiring notarization.

Additional Notary Options

Allows senders to optionally specify a meeting schedule and add additional instructions to the notary.

The status of agreements can be tracked via the Acrobat Sign Manage page. Once the signer(s) requiring notarization have completed the pre-notarization review step and the agreement is out for notarization, the agreement status changes to “Out for Notarization”.

Recipient experience 

  1. Notary Signer recipients receive an email asking them to review the agreement content and fill in any fields that have been placed for them. If another authentication method is configured, the recipient must satisfy that authentication requirement before viewing the document.

    First email notification


    Signature fields are suppressed in this first review of the document.

    All other field types are available for the recipient to provide content.

    Once all required fields are completed, the recipient is prompted to Proceed with initiating Remote Online Notarization process with Notarize, Inc.

    Notarize footer for the field filling phase


    Steps 2-12 take place on the Notarize platform. The details below are provided by Notarize Inc. Please refer to Notarize Inc.'s documentation for additional details or questions on the use of Notarize's services  

  2. A second email is delivered to the recipient immediately from Notarize, Inc. indicating that they should start a notary session.


    Notarize Transactions that have multiple recipients will receive the email from Notarize, Inc. after all recipients have completed their review of the agreement.

    This link opens a session with the Notarize system. 

  3. A window opens with the Notarize landing page.

    The recipient clicks the Get it Notarized button and is delivered to an input screen where they are prompted to enter their name information as it appears in their ID:

  4. An image of the agreement is displayed for the recipient to review.

    Clicking Done Reviewing advances the recipient to the next stage:

  5. Audio and Video connectivity is then verified, and the recipient is requested to allow access when prompted:

  6. After the connection is confirmed, the recipient is requested to:

    • Verify their full name

    • Provide their date of birth

    • Provide their US Social Security number (At least the last four digits)

    • Provide their home address

  7. The recipient is asked to validate their identity by answering five questions in two minutes or less.

    • If the recipient answers incorrectly or takes longer than two minutes, the validation process fails.
    • The recipient is given one more chance to answer five more questions.  If they fail the second attempt, the session fails and the recipient cannot try again for 24 hours.
  8. After passing the five question verification process, the recipient is asked to provide a valid, government-issued photo ID.

    The recipient has the option to take images with a mobile device, or use the web browser and their web camera:

    After selecting a method, the recipient is asked to declare what type of ID they are using.

    The recipient is then asked to take images of their document: 

  9. When the images are collected, the recipient is asked to enter the document number along with their other personal information.

  10. The recipient is then connected to a live Notary Public. This may take a minute or two while the notary is contacted and accepts the session.

    When the notary accepts the session, the agreement document is displayed, with the signature fields visible.  The document remains locked until the notary is ready to witness the signature.

    Both the notary and recipient can see the document and each other, and verbal communication is allowed through the session.

    The notary validates the documents and releases the document for the recipient to sign.

  11. The recipient selects a signature style and applies it to the document.

  12. After the signature is witnessed, the notary applies the notary stamp, and the signature session is completed successfully.

  13. You will receive notification from Acrobat Sign once the transaction is completed.

    For users with an Acrobat Sign account, completed documents and the Audit trail can be downloaded from the Acrobat Sign Manage page   


    Individual notarized documents can be retrieved from the file attachments section of the merged PDF file.

Consumption of Notarize Transactions


This section is only applicable to customers who purchased Notarize Transactions quota or Notarize Subscription through Adobe.

Track available volume:

To monitor the volume of Notarize Transactions or Subscription available to the account:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Send Settings > Enable the following Notary transactions

  2. Click the Track Usage link:

Track usage

A “Notarize Transaction” occurs each time the Notarize Service is used to enter into a meeting with a notary in which the notary is able to complete a notarization for at least one signatory. 

A Notarize Transaction can have between one and eight signatories.  

Audit Report

A successful notarization event is logged in the Acrobat Sign audit report with a separate section that includes events during notarization as reported by Notarize, Inc.

Audit Report for notary transactions

The appended report only includes the parties involved (Identified by name and email address) along with the "pass/fail" status of the event as reported by Notarize Inc.  This addendum is part of the Audit Report and is purged from the system with any other action that purges the Audit Report (GDPR, Retention).

The Notarize audit trail can also be found attached to individual notarized documents.

Configuration Options


Before you can enable the Notarize integration, you will need to have a Notarize API key. Please contact your sales representative to inquire about adding this service.

The notarization service needs to be enabled at the account level before individual Notarize Transactions can be made available to groups.


Please refer Notarize documentation for steps to obtain an API Key


Enable the Notary Settings for the Account

Access to the notary service is gated at the account level. 

Log in as an account-level admin and navigate to Account Settings > Notarization Settings.

One configurable setting is available: Enable integration with Notarize.

Enabling this setting populates the Send Settings tab with the optional controls that expose the Notarize Transaction to users.  

Enable the Notary Settings for the Account

When the notary service is enabled at the account level, all groups populate one or more optional settings on the Send Settings tab. The settings exposed will depend on the Notarize transaction types available for the account:

Enable User Access for the Group


If you do not see the Notarize Transactions on the Send Settings page, check that the account-level settings are enabled.  

Acrobat Sign integrations that support Notarize Transactions

  • Microsoft integration
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Teams
    • SharePoint
  • Acrobat Desktop

Limitations / Incompatible features

  • Localization – US English only
  • RON Integration Feature is not available for Custom workflows, Self-signing, and Web forms.
  • Digital signatures are not supported in transactions that include notarization.
  • Limited Document Visibility is not compatible with notarization and will be disregarded if enabled.
  • The option to keep documents separate is not available for agreements that are notarized.
  • Payment fields cannot be used for participants requiring notarization.
  • Spousal scenario (the same email cannot be used for two signers) in agreements, including notarization.
  • The classic Manage page experience is being deprecated and therefore is not supported.
  • Internet Explorer 11 support is being deprecated and therefore is not being supported.
  • Password protection is not supported with agreements involving notarization.
  • Multiple signers requiring notarizations can be initiated from a single Acrobat Sign transaction, but all signers need to join a concurrent notary session on the Notarize platform.

Frequently asked questions:

The Keep documents separate option is not currently supported with agreements involving notarization. However individual notarized documents can be retrieved from the file attachments section of the merged PDF file.

Transactions on the Send Settings page are displayed based on the organization's entitlements to Notarize Transaction types.

If the Notarize Transactions are purchased through Adobe, please contact Acrobat Sign customer support for assistance.

For direct customers of Notarize Inc., please contact Notarize support.


If there are updates to Notarize managed subscriptions (such as addition of new Transaction types, you may need to reactivate the integration via account level settings  in order for new Notarize managed Transaction types to show in Send Settings .To reactivate the integration, first  disable the integration and then enable again by entering the Notarize API key.

No, witnesses may not be specified.


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