Prefill agreement fields before sending

Field role | Prefill by sender

Adobe Acrobat Sign agreements can have fields that are set up to allow the sender of the document to prefill data into the fields before the document is advanced to the Signing phase. You can set up your prefill document as a one-time send transaction, or as a reusable document by creating a Document Template Library.

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The Prefill phase occurs before the Signing phase, so only these field types can have the Role set to Prefill by the sender:

  • Text Field
  • Payment
  • Drop Down
  • Check box
  • Radio Button
  • Image
  • File Attachment (available with business and enterprise service levels)
  • The other field types can be interacted with in the Signing Phase, only if the Sender is applying their signature to the document.

The Transaction Phases occur in this order:

  1. Create Transaction
    Document Attached (either uploaded, or added from the Document Library)

  2. Preview/Editing Phase (OPTIONAL)
    Only if the sender checks the box labeled: Preview, position or add form fields
    (Fields can be placed and edited)

  3. Prefill Phase (OPTIONAL)
    Only if 'Prefill' fields have been placed on the document
    (The Sender can interact with the fields that have the Role set as Prefill)

  4. Signing Phase
    Document is signed
    If the Sender has chosen the option to apply their signature to the document, they can interact with fields flagged as "e-Sign by Sender."

  5. Transaction Complete - All parties receive a Signed and Filed copy of the documentAll signers have successfully completed the signing process.

To set the Prefill Role before you drag the field onto the document, do the following:

The prefill role on the Recipients menu

To set the role for a field that has already been placed, double-click that field and choose Prefill (by Sender) from the Role pop-up menu.

The Role picklist on the Field menu


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