Database Settings page loops, never completes | Connect 8


After you upgrade to Adobe Connect 8, sometimes the Install wizard opens the Database settings page on the console. When you click Next, the first screen reappears. 


Make a backup of  your breeze database before running the below query.

The sample log files above indicate that the TOS_STATUS column is missing. Run the query to create the missing column as identified in the logs:

alter table PPS_ACCOUNTS

add TOS_STATUS nchar(1);  

The log files sometimes indicate that other columns are missing. Use the following queries to create those missing columns manually.

alter table PPS_ACCOUNTS add COMMENTS nvarchar(1024);

alter table PPS_ACCOUNTS add TEMPLATE_ID int;

alter table PPS_ASSETS add ASSET_INFO_BITSET int;

Additional information


The Adobe Connect 8 upgrade fails because some required columns aren't automatically created during the upgrade process. 

To find out which database columns are missing, open the log file at C:\breeze\debug.log:

01-27 17:14:45] console-8510-1 (ERROR) ERROR OCCURRED IN  fetch com.macromedia.breeze.model.Account 

[01-27 17:14:45] console-8510-1 (INFO) Exception caught in DBRows.populate(), e=com.macromedia.airspeed.StatusException$Invalid$NoSuchItem:

<status code="invalid"><invalid field="tos-status" type="unavailable" subcode="no-such-item"/></status>



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