Learn how to publish and share your project directly from Adobe Aero.

Imported assets appear in augmented reality

Capture a video or an image

  • Tap Preview to access the red Record button and the Photo Camera button
  • Record a video of your experience as your interact with the moving objects
  • Preview your captures in your Camera Roll
  • Post to social media or send to others via text or email

Share a link or QR code

  • Tap the Share button (in the upper right) > Share a link > Create link
  • After creating a link, tap the QR code > Share QR code or tap Share > Copy 
  • Share the QR code or link with your team, stakeholders, and anyone you’d like to view your experience

Export an Aero file

  • Tap the Share button (in the upper right) > Export as > Aero Experience (.real)
  • Tap Save to Files and choose a location to save the file. Collaborate with others by sharing your .real file so that they can edit and add to the experience

Import a .real file

  • On the Home screen, tap the Import and open button with the white upload icon in the lower left corner
  • Browse to select a saved .real file that someone shared with you to import it
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