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Create text templates for Premiere Pro

Learn how to create a Live Text template in After Effects and make the text editable by others in Premiere Pro, while allowing additional template adjustments back in After Effects. (Try it, 6 min)

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Create text templates for Premiere Pro

6 min

Get files Sample files to practice with (ZIP, 255 MB)

Take an Adobe After Effects CC composition with text layers and make the text editable by others in the 2014 release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC without having to return to After Effects to make those changes.

Editors can easily fix a typo or use a single lower-third template for a wide variety of names within a project. Any style changes made to the template back in After Effects are applied automatically to the clips in Premiere Pro, thanks to Dynamic Link, while preserving any text changes that editors may have made in Premiere Pro.

Download the sample files and try it out for yourself.

Important: To use Live Text templates in Premiere Pro, you need to have the 2014 release of After Effects CC installed on your computer.

Change comp settings (1:15); Make template changes (3:05); Change text in Premiere Pro (3:25)

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