Use motion and effects to take your text and titles to the next level.

An image of a dramatic sky with the title “Evoke” animating into frame

Building a title reveal

Most title reveals are created to accompany the opening sequence of some sort of video project. The easiest way to create titles for an opening sequence is to first create the video sequence in Premiere Pro, then bring it into After Effects to add the titles.

In Premiere Pro, select all the clips that make up the opening, then right-click any one of them and choose Replace With After Effects Composition to send those clips to After Effects. This creates a dynamic link so any changes to that sequence in After Effects are automatically reflected in Premiere Pro.

Two images. On left, editing a video in Premiere Pro. On right, animating a title into the same video in After Effects

Create a custom animation for your type

There are over 80 text presets prebuilt and ready to use in the Effects & Presets panel’s Animation Presets section. Create a title design in your After Effects composition and apply any preset to create a dynamic text animation. You can animate type letter by letter with presets like Straight In By Character or create something way out there with Fly In With A Twist

Layer in some unique graphic elements using shape layers. When you’re finished, make sure to save your After Effects project. When you open Premiere Pro, your title animation will already be in the sequence, ready to render. If you need to make any changes, you can always select the After Effects composition in the Premiere Pro timeline and choose Edit Original to reopen the composition in After Effects and make your changes.

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