Calculated metrics return zeros

Calculated metrics return only zeros 


Generally seeing all zeros on a calculated metric can mean one of two things:

  • An issue with the syntax of the calculated metric formula
  • One or more of the variables used do not contain data

The following are some common issues where calculated metrics return zeros:

  • Multiplying by a decimal without a leading zero: If you want to multiply an event by one-half, use a leading zero.

    [event2] * .5
    [event2] *0.5

  • Multiplying by an event that is currently not implemented: If a variable is involved in a multiplication formula that does not contain data, the result is always zero. Any number multiplied by zero is always zero.
  • Dividing by zero: Similar to multiplying by zero, except it shows as #DIV/0! instead.
  • Open parenthesis: Forgetting to close parenthesis in your formula returns unexpected results or break the formula altogether:

    [event3] * ([event1] + [event2]
    [event3] * ([event1] + [event2])

  • Using brackets outside variables: Brackets are reserved for variable values. Using them as parenthesis does not return data:

    [event3] *[[event1] + [event2]]
    [event3] *([event1 + [event2])

  • Accidentally removing a bracket: A variable can only be recognized with both brackets. Removing one does not return data:

    [event4 / 7
    [event4]/ 7

If after following all of the above troubleshooting steps your calculated metric is still not working as expected, have a supported user contact Customer Care.