Current Order Value is defined as the amount of revenue a customer has in their cart at a given step of a checkout process. This metric is valuable to determine the highest points of revenue where users are abandoning or continuing through your checkout process.

Obtaining this metric

Since this metric is not available by default, it must be created by a combination of modifying your implementation and classifications.

  1. Create a counter eVar in Adobe Analytics. Set it to expire on either Purchase or Visit, depending on preference.
  2. Use this newly created eVar within your implementation. Set the evar to the currency value of the visitor's cart. When a user adds or removes items from their cart, add or subtract this eVar's currency value accordingly.
  3. Once implemented, create a classification for this eVar that takes the currency amount and buckets them into desired groups. For example, $0-$10, $10-$20, $20-$50, etc.

Additional information

For more details on effectively using this metric and additional insight, see Adam Greco's blog post Cirremt Order Value [Adobe Analytics].

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