Are you getting the Protected Sheet error in Report Builder?


Error Message: "The cell or sheet that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only. To modify a protected sheet or cell, first remove protection using the Unprotected Sheet Command."

See below:


When trying to refresh/edit a request in Report Builder you might encounter a "Protected sheet error", in spite of the fact that the sheet/workbook is unprotected.

One of the major reasons you would be seeing this error is if your sheet has merged cells.

Adobe Report Builder currently does not supports pasting request data into the merged cells.

This prevents Report Builder from being able to paste the analytics data into the workbook. When it tries to do so, Ms Excel triggers an "Cannot change part of a merged cell" error message.

Report Builder captures this message as an Exception. But since it cannot write to the cell, Report Builder assumes that the cell is protected (which is a more common case of cell writing prevention).

And hence the Protected sheet error is returned.

To deal with this scenario, users will need to unmerge the cells that are part of any Report builder output request.

However, to achieve the same format without using merged cells, do the following:

-> unmerge the cell,
-> highlight the cells you want merged and select Format Cells/Alignment and in the Horizontal drop down box, select "Center across Selection"

For more info on this please refer here.

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