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Learn what's new in the latest release of Animate.

The December 2018 (version 19.1) and October 2018 (version 19.0) releases of Animate rolls out exciting new features for character animators, game designers, advertisement developers, animators, and educational content creators. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

What's New in Animate 19.1

Pressure and Tilt support in Eraser tool

Pressure and Tilt options are added to Eraser tool to enhance drawing options. You can now erase with same size and precision like the Brush tool, by using the new Pressure and Tilt sensitive eraser nib.

Sample illustration with Eraser tool
Sample illustration with Eraser tool

For more information, see Modify by dragging section in Reshape lines and shapes

Paint Bucket tool enhancement

Paint Bucket tool can now be used in continuous fill mode. The tool does live filling on the regions/contours as you drag over the shapes. You can choose to fill all the regions as you drag or, only have empty regions and specific color regions filled:

  • When Fill all regions checkbox is selected -  Fill color is applied over all the contours/regions that you drag over.
  • When Fill all regions checkbox is unselected - Fill color is applied over empty regions or, wherever the starting color is found.

This drag fill option allows easier and faster mechanism of coloring into shapes drawn using the brush tool.

For more information, see Modifying painted areas with Paint Bucket tool

SVG Export enhancement

SVG files exported from Animate are now well organized and maintain layer hierarchy. These exported files can be imported in Character Animator for further use.

SVG in Animate
SVG in Animate

SVG in Character
SVG in Character

For more information on export SVG workflow, see Exporting SVG files

Typekit rebranding

In this release of Animate, you will find references to Adobe Fonts, which is the new name of Typekit. Adobe Fonts is included in Creative Cloud subscriptions. There are no limits on the number of fonts that can be activated at the same time and no limits on the number of monthly pageviews for web fonts.

Click here to learn more about the rebranding of Typekit to Adobe Fonts.

Adobe logo

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