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Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst on June 18th, 2019. Adobe encourages customers to download their data and migrate to other systems well before June 18th, 2019. For detailed how-to information and assistance, see the Business Catalyst FAQ.

Google Checkout decommissioned

On November 20 2013, Google discontinued Google Checkout as a payment gateway. To comply with these changes, Business Catalyst has also removed Google Checkout as an option from our e-commerce solution.

If you are currently using Google Checkout as your payment gateway, update your site to another of the solutions that Business Catalyst provides.

Adobe's recommendation, based on similarity of features and availability worldwide, is Paypal. Our documentation provides you with a list of all payment gateways supported by Business Catalyst.

Set up this gateway

Set up Google Checkout account

After you have opened the Google checkout account (with Google), modify a few settings in the Google checkout admin area.

  1. Log in to Google checkout and go to Settings > Integration. Assign the secure URL/PaymentProcessGoogle.aspx and API callback URL.
  2. Select second option on CallBack contents radio buttons: Notification as XML
  3. Choose Settings > Preference, and select Automatically Authorize And Charge The Buyer's Credit Card.

Set up Google Checkout account

This gateway does not have any specific setup requirements for standard operation. Log in your site, and navigate to eCommerce > Payment Gateways. Then, select this gateway from the pop-up menu, and enter the requested information.

Set up for recurring billing (if necessary)

This gateway implementation does not currently support recurring billing.

Google checkout process

As Google Checkout works differently to most other gateways since the setup is nonseamless, here are the steps site visitors take when using Google.

  • Customer selects the "Hosted Credit Card" payment option, checks out and is taken to Google's site to complete their transaction.
  • After the purchase payment has been made, Google redirects the customer back to the site.


Can I use Google Checkout for site's that do not reside in the US or UK?

No. Google Checkout only works for these two countries at the moment.

Google Checkout and web forms

You cannot use a nonseamless gateway, such as PayPal on web forms. Nonseamless gateways can only be used with a shopping cart. 

If it's necessary to take payments via Web Forms, use one of the seamless gateways, or offline processing in this case.

Google Checkout Error
"ERROR: An error occurred while processing credit card Non-seamless gateway with no shopping cart not supported. Please go back (javascript:history.back(1);) and correct this."

Since Google Checkout is a nonseamless gateway, use the "Hosted Credit Card" payment option and not "Credit Card." If missing within the checkout form, ensure that you include this option to avoid this error.



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