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Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst on June 18th, 2019. Adobe encourages customers to download their data and migrate to other systems well before June 18th, 2019. For detailed how-to information and assistance, see the Business Catalyst FAQ.

You can have multiple users managing your Business Catalyst site. From managing site content, the customer database or overall management, you can set different permissions for the different types of users.

As part of your Creative Cloud five free Web Hosting sites, you can have up to three admin users per site. An admin user is any user that has access to log in to the back end of the system (The Admin Console).

You can restrict the level of access an admin user has within the system. To set these restrictions, Business Catalyst allows you to create Roles and assign users to one or more roles. For example, you may want to allow a user to edit the site content, but not have access to reports. In this case, you would create a 'Content editor' role.

The first step is to create your roles, then invite the admin users to the site and assign them to specific roles.

Create a role

  1. Select Site Settings > User Roles and click New Role.

  2. Enter a title for the role and click Next.

  3. If you already have users added to the site, you can add these users to the role by moving the user to the panel on the right.

  4. Click Next

  5. Select the permissions you would like to give to users of this role and click the  button.


    You can select multiple permissions by holding Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Macintosh) on the keyboard while selecting the available options. To add all permissions, click .

Now that you have created the role, you can now invite admin users to your site.

Create site administrators

  1. Select Site Settings > Admin Users and click Invite Admin User.
  2. Enter the user's valid email address and other details.
  3. Select the roles you would like to add this user to, and then click Invite.

An email is sent to the user detailing how to log in and set their password.


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