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Learn about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Captivate Prime

The April 2019 release of Adobe Captivate Prime rolls out exciting new features and enhancements. It introduces Social Learning feature, manager dashboard, multiple attempts configuration for a learning object, importing and exporting xAPI statements, and other enhancements. Read on to know the new features and enhancements that are available in this release.

Social Learning

Adobe Captivate Prime introduces Social Learning to its vast repertoire of features. Social learning incorporates the element of peer learning using discussion boards. A feature that allows you with the flexibility to control which users have visibility of which boards and how they participate in them.

The Adobe Captivate Prime Desktop App helps learners create content easily from their desktops – webcam videos, audio recordings, screenshots and screen capture recordings. Once learners install the social bookmarklet in their desktop browsers, they can share relevant content that they discover on the Web to these boards with ease.

The app uses gamification to motivate learners and encourage participation.

The AI-powered content moderation is an industry first that you can leverage to drive learning within your organization.

For more information, see Social Learning.

Social Learning dashboard
Social Learning dashboard

Manager Dashboard

Managers play an important role in a team’s learning initiatives.

With the introduction of a dashboard, managers can keep track of learning activities and the performance of their respective teams.

Learning Summary

Managers can view the summary of learning activities that the team undertakes in a specified time period. Senior Managers can even view the team structure and compare how different teams perform.

Compliance Status

Managers now see a Compliance dashboard that details the team’s overall compliance status. Managers can view learners who are non-compliant in selected learning objects. They can also identify those learners whose compliance deadlines are close.

Team Skills

With the new Dashboard managers can now view the top 5 skills in their respective teams. This gives them an understanding of the expertise levels of the team. And they can now identify employees talented in certain skills. Managers can also drive learning activities aimed at a set of skills. They can use the Adobe Captivate Prime Skill Tracker to set up goals, forecast skill completion and suggest recommendations.


Managers will immediately see the Manager dashboard when they log in.

For more information, see Manager dashboard.

manage dashboard
Manager dashboard

Multiple attempts configuration

Adobe Captivate Prime now allows you to configure multiple attempts for your interactive eLearning content. Previously learners could reset the progress; now it allows authors to:

  1. Configure the number of attempts.
  2. Set a time limit to complete the module.
  3. Lock the content for a specified time between each attempt.
  4. Allow improvement of scores through multiple attempts even after completion.
  5. Stop new attempts once learner completes a module. 
Multiple attempts configuration
Multiple attempts configuration

Import/ Export xAPI statements

Capture your learning events from third party services in CSV format and then import them into Captivate Prime as xAPI statements. Use FTP connector or Box connector to import xAPI statements into Captivate Prime. 

To export xAPI statements in Captivate Prime use PowerBI connector.

For more information, see Captivate Prime connectors.

QR code to enroll, complete, enroll & complete a course

Adobe Captivate Prime provides QR codes for courses. The administrator can print the QR codes to help learners quickly enroll into a course. Similarly, QR codes are available to mark enrollment, completion, and both. 

Learners can simply use the Adobe Captivate Prime device application to scan the respective QR code.

For more information, click here.

QR codes
QR codes

Audio compatibility in Captive Prime

Captivate Prime now supports audio content in the content library. The completion criteria are based on the launch or based on audio consumption. Like other modules a course can be created using audio modules as well. Supported audio formats are MP3, WAV, and AMR, M4A.

For more information, see Audio support in Captivate Prime.

Audio support in content library
Audio support in content library

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