Benefits of Creative Cloud free membership

Learn what you get with Adobe Creative Cloud free membership.

Adobe offers you a Creative Cloud free membership, which comes with a host of benefits. No purchase is necessary to sign up for a Creative Cloud free membership. You can create an Adobe ID to access free versions of some of Adobe’s most popular apps and services. These free versions of Adobe apps and services empower you to unlock your creativity, allowing you to upgrade to premium versions for an enhanced creative experience.


Users actively using Adobe's products and services are entitled to Creative Cloud free membership benefits, including storage. These benefits and user limits are subject to change at any given time.

What's included in Creative Cloud free membership?

The Creative Cloud free membership includes creative apps and services, access to Adobe's extensive learning resources, and exclusive discounts.

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Can I get Creative Cloud free membership even if I have cancelled a plan?

Yes, if you decide to cancel your paid plan, your account is converted to a Creative Cloud free membership. You can sign in to your Creative Cloud desktop app with the same Adobe account and get access to all the features listed on this page. 

A Creative Cloud free membership lets you continue to access your files in the Creative Cloud folder on your computer and via the Creative Cloud website, subject to the free user storage limit and active usage.


If you're over the free membership storage limit when you cancel, you have 30 days to reduce your online usage. After 30 days, you could lose access to some or all of your files saved on the Creative Cloud servers. Creative Cloud storage is contingent upon active usage of your Adobe Account and Adobe products and services.  

If you want full access to products and services again, you can subscribe anew at any time. Go to the Creative Cloud Plans page, sign into your Adobe account, and purchase the plan that suits your needs.

Can I get Creative Cloud free membership without purchasing a plan?

Yes, you can sign up for an Adobe ID anytime and at no cost to get all the benefits of a Creative Cloud free membership. You can also sign up for any of our free apps, like Adobe Express, to get started using Creative Cloud and receive all the benefits of the Creative Cloud free membership.  


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