Get to know the Creative Cloud website

Learn how to explore the Creative Cloud website to get your apps, start learning, and access your creative work.

The Creative Cloud website makes it easy for you to access dozens of apps and services that are included in your Creative Cloud membership. You can quickly find the right app or tool and access various resources to learn a tool or build a skill.

You can also sync and share files, manage thousands of fonts, access libraries of stock photography and design assets, and connect with the creative community. The Creative Cloud website is your window into the vibrant world of Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud website
Creative Cloud website

A. Tabs B. Search and navigation options 


Use the Home tab for a quick start with your apps. You can access your recent files, and also find a selection of tutorials that will help you get up and running.

Download and install apps

Quickly download and install Creative Cloud apps included in your subscription. Also, select Browse all apps to find out how you can access other Creative Cloud apps.

Apply Quick Actions on your projects

The Quick actions section provides easy-to-use tools that automate complex tasks and help you start creating. Many quick actions can be used on images from your device or those stored in the cloud. They include Remove backgroundResize image, and Convert to JPG.

Access recent files

The Recent section provides quick access to the projects and assets you have recently worked on.

Access web apps

Access web apps and beta apps that are available to you. Find information about these apps in the left sidebar of the Home tab.

View your profile info

View info about what plan you have, other plans are available to you, and how much cloud storage you have left. Also, access quick links to get help.

Download, install, and update your Creative Cloud apps from the Apps tab. You can also filter your list of apps using the available categories.

You can click the name of an app to get an overview and a list of key features, the languages supported by the app, and system requirements for installing and using the app.

What More can you do in the Apps tab

  • To install a desktop app, select Install.
  • To open a web app or service, select Launch.
  • To send download links to your phone or email them, go to the Mobile section in All apps. Then select Send Link.

Select the Files tab to go to Creative Cloud assets and access your synced files, cloud documents, published assets, shared assets, and your Creative Cloud Libraries.

Creative Cloud assets
Creative Cloud assets

Use the Discover tab to access learning resources, creative challenges, Adobe live streams, free assets, and much more. You can customize these resources by both interest and product. Connect with other creatives and learn directly from them. Learn and follow along with creative pros through recommended livestreams, and see Behance galleries curated based on your specific interests.

You can find the search and navigation options at the top of the Creative Cloud website. Use these options to perform a search, get help, access your account, or move between various Adobe web apps and services. Search and navigation options are accessible from all the tabs.

Search information on your apps

Use the search bar to search for apps, tutorials, Help articles, templates, and Adobe Stock assets. The top results are featured. 

View plans

View the plans available to you. Select the View plans button to change your plan.

Get help

Select the Help icon  if you are looking for help or want to connect and engage with the Adobe community.

  • Get help: Visit the Adobe Help Center where you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions and help related to your account and apps.
  • Ask the community: Get in touch with the experts to get answers to your queries.
  • Contact us: Select this option to chat with us if you are facing any persisting issues.

View notifications

Tap the notification bell icon  to view all the notifications that you have received. Creative Cloud notifications are typically updates about your apps, membership status, events related to your apps and services, messages from fellow community users, and important announcements from Adobe. To ensure that you are aware, the bell icon will display a red badge whenever you receive a new notification.

Manage your account

Select the Profile menu icon  to see your Adobe ID or sign out from your Adobe account. You can also access your account details by selecting Adobe account from the Profile menu.

Adobe icon

Click the Adobe icon  to go to the home page of

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