Convert Office 365 documents to PDFs

Use the Create PDF Add-in to easily convert an Office 365 document to a high-quality PDF, and save the PDF to OneDrive or download it.

Supported browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11


Install Adobe Create PDF add-in from the Office store

  1. Sign in with your Office 365 account at

  2. Choose Word, Excel, or PowerPoint from the online apps list.

  3. Create a new or open an existing file for editing in a browser.

  4. Go to the INSERT menu and then click Office Add-ins.

    Insert Office Add-ins

  5. In the Office Add-ins dialog box, click STORE and then search for “Create PDF” using the search field on the upper-left. You see the Create PDF add-in in the search results. Click Add.

    Create PDF add-in in Office Add-ins store

  6. The add-in is now available on the Home ribbon.

Convert Word, PowerPoint, or Excel online files to PDFs

  1. Open the file for editing in a supported browser.

  2. On the Home ribbon, click Create PDF.

    Create PDF add-in in the Home ribbion

  3. The Create PDF pane is displayed on the right. Click Convert.

    Create PDF pane

    Note: The Add Password Protection field is not functional yet. When it’ll be functional, it’ll help secure your PDF with a password.

  4. If prompted, sign in with your Adobe ID and password.

    Sign in dialog box

  5. A progress bar is displayed while your file is converted to PDF. Once the conversion is complete, you see a confirmation message with the options to save the PDF to OneDrive or download it.

    Converted to PDF

    • Save to OneDrive: Choose this option to save the PDF to your OneDrive account.
    • Save to Document Cloud: Choose this option if you want to save the PDF to your Adobe Document Cloud account.
    • Download: Choose this option to download the PDF.

        Note: If you want to change anything in the file and regenerate the PDF, choose Start Over.

  6. To close the Create PDF pane, click the cross button at the upper-right corner of the pane.

Adobe logo

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