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How to use Edge Animate content in your site built with Dreamweaver

Learn how to add interactive video to Edge Animate compositions and then import them into your web project. (Try it, 8 min)

How to use Edge Animate content in your site built with Dreamweaver

8 min

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Adding interactive HTML5 video to Edge Animate compositions.

Edge Animate supports HTML5 video with the ability to control playback directly in the browser. You can use options such as play, pause, play the video from a certain point, adjust the video speed and volume, skip the video forward, and more. Edge Animate supports different video formats including MP4 and OGV. When you include the same video in multiple formats, the browser selects the appropriate format.

Video 1. Use HTML5 video in Edge Animate compositions

Adding Edge Animate content to sites built with Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver supports embedding Edge Animate content, so you can import interactive, animated compositions into the web projects you build with Dreamweaver. Publish an Edge Animate project into an Animate deployment package, which includes all of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that make up the animated composition. Then insert the Edge Animate composition directly into a web page you have built with Dreamweaver and preview directly in Live View before you publish.

Video 2. Embed animated content in sites built with Dreamweaver

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