To Contact your administrator, sign in to your Adobe account and click Contact administrator. For security reasons, Adobe Customer Care can't provide your admin's contact information.

An administrator is a person in your organization or team, who manages the access to Adobe products and services. If you use Adobe products and services through your organization, school, or team, you must have an administrator.

Where can I find my admin's contact information?

Your Adobe Account page allows you to view a note that your administrator has set up for you. This note helps you get assistance when you encounter issues or require support. If you have a valid Creative Cloud or Document Cloud for teams/enterprise subscription, do the following to view the note from your administrator:

  1. To access the notes from your organization's administrator, click Contact administrator for the relevant organization. You can also access the option by clicking Get Help from any page.

    The Contact administrator dialog box displays the notes from your organization's administrator. If you are associated to more than one organization or team, it displays one note from each organization or team, wherever set up by the administrator.

    You can also view the Notes from Admin, navigating to Plans View Plan.


    You see the Contact administrator option only if your administrator has set up a note for your organization or team.

  2. To exit the dialog box, click Done.

    Notes from Admin

Whom can I contact if the Contact Administrator option is not available?

You see the Contact administrator option only if your administrator has set up a note for your organization or team. If the option is not available, here is who you can contact:

  • Your internal help desk or technical support team
  • Your business owner or co-owner
  • Your team's IT consultant who does the computer maintenance work
  • If you are enrolled through your university or school, try asking your teacher or school administrators.