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VIP program guide: Subscription term options

With VIP, the administration of licenses is very manageable and flexible, with subscription term options to meet your organization’s or institution's needs. And there’s no contract renewal or renegotiation necessary—only licenses need renewing each term, and you can adjust quantity and change products as needed. See the Renewal section for more information.

Subscription term options: Annual and Extended

VIP offers three subscription term options to fit your organization’s or institution's needs:

Annual subscription

Annual subscription allows VIP Members to pay up front for a 12-month license subscription. Your Anniversary Date is 12 months after either the date Adobe accepts your initial order or, if earlier, your initial Purchase Authorization Date. Note: All terms default to the Annual subscription during the renewal period.

Extended subscription: Two options

There are two extended-term options available through VIP:

Extended paid-up-front subscription

Prior to signing up for VIP, members may choose to pay and extended upfront for up to 36 months (48 months for Government and Education members). This option makes it even easier for you to meet the purchasing and budgeting needs for your organization or institution. With this option, you receive extended license periods and can select an Anniversary Date that aligns with your organization’s or institution's budget schedule. Please talk to your Account Manager about this option before signing up for VIP.


All terms default to the Annual subscription during the renewal period.

Long-term savings with the VIP Select 3-year commit option

An additional extended term subscription for VIP Select Members includes a 3-year commit option (not available for extended paid-up-front subscription) that allows your organization to pay annually at a set price* on the license quantity defined at the beginning of the agreement. And by signing up for the extended agreement, customers get a deeper discount than they would when signing up for 1 year.

Add additional licenses throughout the subscription term at the discounted price defined on the day you sign the 3-year agreement. An additional amendment is required to sign up for 3-year commit. If eligible, a link to the amendment will appear in the Account tab in the Adobe Admin Console and is viewable by the system administrator who is designated as the Contract Owner.


* Specific pricing is always between the Account Manager and the VIP Member.

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