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Use the Embed Code feature when you want to play the video or view an asset embedded on a web page. You copy the embed code to the clipboard so you can paste it in your web pages. Editing of the code is not permitted in the Embed Code dialog box.

You embed URLs only if you are not using AEM as your WCM. If you are using AEM as your WCM, you add the assets directly on your page.

See also Linking URLs to your Web Application.

See also Delivering Optimized Images for a Responsive Site.


The embed code is not available to copy until you have published the selected asset. In addition, you must also publish the viewer preset or image preset.

See Publishing Assets.

See Publishing Viewer Presets.

See Publishing Image Presets.

To embed the video viewer or asset viewer on a web page:

  1. Navigate to the published video or image asset whose embed code you want to copy.

    Remember that the embed code is only available to copy after you have first published the assets. In addition, the viewer preset or image preset must also be published.

    See Publishing Assets.

    See Publishing Viewer Presets.

    See Publishing Image Presets.

  2. In the left rail, select the drop-dpwn menu and click or tap Viewers

  3. In the left rail, tap a viewer preset name. The viewer preset is applied to the asset.

  4. Tap Embed.

  5. In the Embed Code dialog box, copy the entire code to the clipboard, and then tap Close.

  6. Paste the embed code in your web pages.

How to deliver secure video

In AEM 6.2, when you install FP-13480, you can control whether a video is delivered over a secure SSL connection (HTTPS) or an insecure connection (HTTP). By default, the video delivery protocol is automatically inherited from the protocol of the embedding web page. If the web page is loaded over HTTPS, the video is also delivered over HTTPS. And vice versa, if the web page is on HTTP, the video is delivered over HTTP. In most cases, this default behavior is fine and there is no need to make any configuration changes. However, you can override this default behavior by appending VideoPlayer.ssl=on to the list of other viewer configuration parameters in the embed code snippet.

For more information about secure video delivery and using the VideoPlayer.ssl configuration attribute in your embed code, see Secure Video Delivery in the Viewers Reference Guide. Secure video delivery is available for the Video viewer, Mixed Media viewer, and Interactive Video viewer. 


You must install FP-13480 on both AEM Author and AEM Publish instances. Doing so ensures that you are using the latest Mixed Media, Video, and Interactive Video Viewers for use with secure video delivery.