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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 provides updates to add functionality to the product using feature packs.


AEM forms add-on packages help align forms functionality with AEM Service Packs and Cumulative Fix Packs.  Therefore, it is imperative to install AEM forms add-on package after installing any AEM Service Pack, Cumulative Service Pack or Feature Pack.

The following feature packs are available for AEM 6.3:

Capability Feature Pack Download Link Documentation Description
AEM Sites Style System
FP-20593 Style System The Style System feature pack allows a template author to define style classes in the component policy of components so that a content author can select these when editing the component on a page.
AEM Sites Demandware Connector FP-10262 Deploying eCommerce with Demandware This feature pack contains the reference implementation of the Commerce Integration Framework for the Demandware commerce platform.
AEM Sites IBM Websphere Commerce FP-6709 Deploying eCommerce with IBM Websphere This feature pack contains the reference implementation of the Commerce
Integration Framework for the IBM Websphere commerce platform.
AEM Assets AEM 3D Assets AEM-6.3-DynamicMedia-3D AEM 3D Assets Release Notes This feature pack enables support for 3D content in AEM Assets. It provides capabilities to upload, manage, preview, and render 3D assets.
AEM Assets AEM Desktop App Adobe Experience Manager Desktop AEM Desktop App Release Notes Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Desktop enables you to map AEM Assets to your network directory so you can view AEM assets in Windows Explorer/Finder. You can also edit the assets using various image-editing apps. Your editing changes are reflected in AEM Assets.
AEM Assets Adobe SharePoint Connector SharePoint Connector SharePoint Connector Adobe JCR Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013, version 4.0, which is compatible with AEM 6.3.
AEM Assets Dynamic Media Feature Packs 14410 and 18912

Feature Pack 14410

Feature Pack 18912

Dynamic Media Feature Packs 14410 and 18912 New automation and delivery features for Dynamic Media. Upgrade release for Dynamic Media Classic customers.
AEM Assets
Default Adobe Color Profiles for Dynamic Media Feature Pack 12445 Understanding Color Management with AEM Dynamic Media Provides the standard set of RGB and CMYK color profiles to be used with the Dynamic Media Color Management feature.  
AEM Sites Content Fragment Updates and Content Services See the Installation Instructions for this feature pack. Content Fragment Updates and Content Services - Feature Pack Release Notes This set of Feature Packs delivers updates to Content Fragments, the JSON Exporter and Core Components. These enable the definition of structured content for the fragments; together with the updated JSON exporter, this structured content can then be used to deliver AEM content via Content Services to channels other than AEM pages. 
AEM Integrations
Content-centric Adobe Campaign integration for AEM 6.3 Feature Pack 17178 Creating campaigns and emails in Experience Manager 6.3 Create campaigns and emails directly in AEM without having to switch to
Adobe Campaign Standard for the most common operations: from the
email/campaign creation to the validation of the content.