Scheduler and scheduled jobs FAQ


Any questions or issues regarding the scheduler or scheduled jobs.


The following Help page discusses how to edit a recurring job.

You could also create a new job, and deactivate the old one, to check how the new settings work, and revert the change if necessary.


Unless you use manifest delivery, there is no need to schedule a publish job. The content is instantly published depending on the publish flag or upload setting.

Schedule Publish (New Since Last Publish) jobs throughout the workday, and then you can have another Publish (Full Publish) job run overnight or on the weekend.  


Scheduling uploads is the best way to keep your Scene7 content up to date, especially when you have multiple users submitting content to Scene7. Only one publish and one upload per directory can be running at any given time. Therefore, it is best to schedule uploads so that multiple users are not attempting to upload/publish simultaneously.

In general, we recommend scheduling Upload (via FTP) no more frequently than every 15 minutes. You can adjust the time intervals based on your team's needs. Most large companies have Uploads  scheduled for every hour during the weekdays, and one Full Publish job scheduled for the weekend.

To schedule an Upload:

Upload > via FTP > Job Options 

When: Recurring

Select Timing from pop-up menu.

If you want to follow the upload with a publish job for manifest delivery:

Job Options -> Advanced ->

Run Job As:
Follow Upload with another job: Image Serving Publish
Publish: New Since Last Publish
Only execute if files were uploaded? No.

-> Start Upload

To schedule a Publish:

Publish -> Recurring ->

Repeat: Weekly
On: Saturday or Sunday
At: Time desired

-> Advanced
Publish To: Image Server
Publish: Full Publish (select w/ search data if you're uploading eCatalogs that contain search data)

-> Start Publish

You can review scheduled jobs under Jobs -> Scheduled. Note that you cannot edit scheduled jobs without losing the schedule/time logic. Best to delete the job and recreate it.


1: You just go to the Upload – VIA FTP
2: Select the FTP folder, and the SPS Folder just like you would do if you were setting it up manually.
3: Click on the Upload Job Options
4: Select Recurring. 
5: If you do actually want to automate the uploads, you could set the job to recur as often as you would like. Otherwise, if you aren’t going to automate it, and instead are going to kick it off manually each time you want to use it, you could just choose monthly. It doesn’t really matter since it will be inactive.
6: Make sure all the options you want are selected.
7: Save
8: Submit Upload
9: Go to Jobs
10: Scheduled tab
11: You should now see your scheduled job which you can inactivate. This is also how you can “Execute Now” a scheduled job.


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