It’s time to get familiar with the wizardry of vectorising. Calligrapher and designer Jenny (aka @miss_papperista) is here to show you how to turn your handwriting into a beautiful work of art using Adobe Illustrator.

What you'll need

Set up your project

First things first. In Illustrator, go to File > Place and find the image you’d like to import. Alternatively, you can simply drag your file onto your artboard – why not use Jenny’s assets to practise on?

Vectorise your image

The fastest and easiest way to vectorise your image is to go to Window > Workspace > Tracing. Now, click on the image you are going to trace and go to the Image Trace panel. Click Mode and make sure Black and White is selected. Go to View and choose Tracing Result and in Preset choose Custom. Next, click on the Trace button. Once it’s worked its magic, go to Preset and select Sketched Art. Go to the top menu and click Expand. Your work is now vectorised. Click on the Direct Selection tool on the left-hand side and play with the little anchors around your letters to tidy up their edges.

Tip: To get the best results, make sure you use a black pen on white paper.

Add some colour

Select your artwork using the Selection tool, right-click and click Ungroup. Select the letters you want to work with and then go to the Swatch panel on the right-hand side and choose a colour you like. Repeat this step for the rest of the letters. And ta-dah, you’re all done.

Download my practice assets







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