Learn how to turn basic shapes into logos, icons and illustrations

Now try it yourself

Create a new Illustrator document: From the Create a new file menu choose Postcard. The steps below show you how to create the Owls logo from scratch. If you are stuck, you can always use the sample file as an aid.

Note: Use the little arrows on top of the toolbar to reduce it.  


Create a shape

1. Choose the Rectangle tool, then click and drag to draw a rectangle.

2. Choose the Direct Selection tool and draw a marquee around the lower left corner only to select this specific corner. Click and drag the little circle with the dot - the corner rounding widget - to change the corner's roundness to create the first part of your owl’s body shape. Repeat this step for changing the roundness of the upper left and upper right corner.

3. Switch to the Selection tool, then click on your drawing and Option-drag on Mac or Alt-drag on Windows to duplicate the shape.

4. With the copy selected, open the Transform panel (Window - Transform) and select Scale Corners, then Shift-drag a corner handle to scale, and drag to reposition it.

5. Choose the Ellipse tool and Shift-drag to draw circles for the eye.

6. Use the Selection tool and draw a rectangle around the eye shapes to select them, then Option/Alt-drag to duplicate them all at once.

7. With the eye copy still selected, go to Object - Transform - Reflect. Then choose Vertical to create the other eye of the owl.

Edit a shape

8.  Scale up the innermost circle of the right eye. Shift-click to select the two inner circles of the right eye, then choose the Shape Builder tool. Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) key, while dragging the unwanted shape parts away. This will subtract the overlaying parts of the shapes and create a crescent.

9. Use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle over the lower part of the owl’s body. Reposition it with the Selection tool if necessary.

10.  Use the Selection tool and Shift-click to select the owl's outline and the circle. Choose the Shape Builder tool. Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) key, while dragging the area where the body and circle intersect, to subtract the selected objects.

Colour a shape

11. Choose the Selection tool and Shift-click to select all the shapes you’d like to be filled with black colour.

12. Make sure that the fill colour is in the foreground and set to black. To swap between stroke and fill colour use the double arrow icon above the swatches.

13. Click the owl’s wing to select it, then go to the Swatches panel to pick a different fill colour for the wing.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a logo in 60 seconds with Illustrator. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithIllustrator to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.


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