Jazz up your business – or even personal – stationery by creating your very own monogram, with calligrapher and designer Jenny (aka @miss_papperista). She’ll show you everything you need to know in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial.

What you'll need

Set up your circles

Start by drawing a circle using the Ellipse tool. To make it perfectly rounded, hold down the Shift key as you drag the shape. You’ll notice the circle is now black. On the left panel, click Swap Fill and Stroke and you’ll get a black outline instead. Next, select your circle and copy and paste it to create a new one (Command/Control and C, followed by Command/Control and V).

Create your text

Now, select one of your circles and right-click on the Type tool and select Type on a Path. Hover over your circle until the word Path is highlighted above it, then click. You will now see text wrapped around the circle – you can now update this with your own. From the Characters panel on the right, choose your font. You can also play around with the spacing between your letters by upping the Tracking – try ‘300’. Select your text by using the Selection tool and rotate it by hovering over the corners until you see an arrow. Hold and drag until you find the position you like.

Put it together

Once you’re happy, drag your text over to your other circle and you will see that it clicks into place like a magnet. You’ll notice your text sits above the line, to centre it instead, go to the top menu and click Type > Type on a Path > Type on a Path Options > Align to Path > Center. Click the Preview box and you’ll see the text drop down to the centre of the line. Next, right-click on the circle with the outline and select Arrange > Bring to Front so the outlined circle now lies above the text. Now, using the Pen tool click on points either side of the text to create anchors. Once these have joined to make a path, select the Scissors tool and click on them to separate them from the rest of the circle. Then just press Delete.

Add in the details

Using the Ellipse tool, create two small circles either side of your text while hold down the Shift key and add some nice details. Now, finish off the monogram by adding your initials to the middle of your circle. Select the Type tool and drag to create a text block. Enter your first chosen letter and using the Selection tool, click on the text box. Choose a new font from the right panel – try Bodoni. You’ll want to make it bigger, so select a new font size of ‘72pt’. Next, copy (Command/Control and C) and paste (Command/Control and V) the text box and type in your second letter. Play around with their positioning and size until you’re happy. And that’s it – well done.  

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