Create the timeless and minimal logo of your dreams with calligrapher and designer Jenny (aka @miss_papperista). Using Adobe Illustrator, she’ll show you to work with fonts and shapes to create a spot-on design.

What you'll need

Set up your title

Start by creating a text box using the Type tool in the left panel and simply click, hold and drag. The block will automatically fill with placeholder text. While the text is selected go to the Character box and change the font. For this example, pick Adobe Caslon Pro and change the font size to ‘18pt’. Next, change the Tracking to ‘200’. Then, write the name of the photographer, ‘VERA LARSSON’.

Set up your tagline

Create one more text box using the Type tool for the tagline, select the font Century Gothic and choose font size ‘14pt’. Then change the Tracking to ‘300’. Type ‘PHOTOGRAPHY’ to replace the placeholder text. Now it’s time to align your title and tagline. Use the Selection tool and select both boxes and position them one above the other. Then, click Align > Align To > Align to Selection. Feel free to adjust the Font Size and Tracking as you like.

Tip: Make sure your title is always slightly bigger than your tagline.

Draw a camera outline

First, select the Rectangle tool, then click, hold and drag while holding the Shift key to create a square. This is your base for the camera. Now, you don’t want your camera to be filled in black, you want a simple black outline. So, go to Swap Fill and Stroke on the left panel. Make the line thicker by upping the Weight to ‘2pt’ in the Stroke panel. Now, go to the top menu and click Effect > Stylize > Round Corners… and choose a Radius of ‘0.5'.

Add the lens

Next up, you need to draw the lens. Right-click on the Rectangle tool and select the Ellipse tool. Drag while holding down the Shift key and it will give you a perfectly round circle. Give the lens a reflection by drawing a second circle inside the first, in the same way as before. Then, using the Selection tool, select all your shapes and click Align, then Horizontal Align Center and finally Vertical Align Center. Select your reflection and click the Scissors tool, click on two of the anchors and hit the Delete button to get rid of those sections and voilà – there’s your reflection. To make the edges smoother, go to the Stroke panel and select Round Cap.

Add the flash

Choose the Pen tool and click the top of the camera to create anchors. You’ll want to make sure the shape is symmetrical, so only create half of it. Select it using the Selection tool and copy it by pressing Command/Control and C. Then paste it with Command/Control and V. Next, click Object > Transform > Reflect… > Axis > Vertical and position it to join up with the other half of your flash. To make sure they are aligned, select them both and go to Align and Vertical Align Center. Next, go to Stroke > Corner > Round Join to curve the edges slightly. The last step with the camera is to make sure everything is centred. Select the lens and reflection, right-click and select Group. Then do the same with the flash. Now you can select the whole camera and click Align > Horizontal Align Center.

Draw the leaves

Choose the Pen tool and start drawing the stem your leaves will be attached to. Start clicking where you want your path to begin and then continue to create paths to form a curve. To make a rounder shape, simply click, hold and drag. Then, click on the Direct Selection tool and drag the anchors into place. Get rounded ends by going to Stroke > Cap > Round Cap. You can now create the leaves in the same way you created the stem using the Pen tool. Select two leaves by holding down the Shift key and then copy and paste them to create more (Command/Control and C, followed by Command/Control and V). You can then resize and rotate them by holding and dragging on the little arrows in the corners of your selection outline. Once you’re happy, start placing them beside the camera. On your leaf copy, click Object > Transform > Reflect… and move it to the other side of your camera. Once you’re happy with your leaves, simply align everything one last time and adjust the camera and font sizes until you are happy.

Tip: Remember to use the Scissors tool to chop any stems that are too long.

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