Logos. Simple designs, that when done well, bring professionalism to a business and create stand-out for a brand. In this Illustrator tutorial, freelance illustrator and designer Elizabeth Martin (aka @elizabethsartbook) provides elements you can download to practise with before you go solo on your own logo.

What you'll need

Create a circle

First select the Ellipse tool and click and drag a circle into the middle of your artboard. Next, go down to the Fill and Stroke icons on the left, clicking the arrow so the Stroke is selected. Head to the top of your screen and update this to about ‘2pt’. Using the Direct Selection tool, click on the circle and Copy and Paste it to create a duplicate. Put it to one side. Click on the original circle at the top point and delete it. This will create a semi-circle. Now add the other circle directly on top.

Add your brand name or other text

Click on the Type tool and select Type on a Path. Then click on the circle. Now you can type whatever text you want, and it will follow the circle round. Highlight the text and select a font. Set the point size, then using Fill change it to white.


Use the Select tool again to position the text where you want it. You can add more type to the centre of the logo by going back to the Type tool and dragging a square. Add text, make it white and adjust to the size you want. Use Select to drag it into the middle of the logo. You can add extra detail by going to the Line Segment tool – hold down the Shift button and you’ll be able to create a straight line. You could set this to the same point size as the circle. Then Copy and Paste it to put it underneath too.

Pick an image or illustration

Take a vector illustration (you can use the one provided for this exercise) and add it to your composition. Adjust the size, as required. To make changes to the vector, use the Pen tool. Hold down and select the Add Anchor Point tool, with this you’ll be able to seamlessly align the illustration with the end of your circle. And there you have it.

Download my practice assets



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