It’s easily done – your artwork is every bit perfect, except for that one shade that’s not quite right. Artist Joyce Hoeven (aka @joycehvn) shows you how to easily change a colour running throughout your design that just doesn’t fit. Check out her Illustrator tutorial below.

What you'll need

Set up your project

Start by opening up the illustration you want to work with. This might be your own, or you can use Joyce’s to get started. You’ll be using the Swatches panel for this tutorial, so if it’s not already in your right-hand toolbar, go to Window > Swatches. 

Create a Swatch

First, you need to create a swatch for each individual colour used in your artwork. To do this, select everything on your design using the Selection tool on your left-hand toolbar. Then head to the Swatches panel and click on the folder icon at the bottom. Give it a name and make sure Selected Artwork is checked. Press OK. You’ll now see a new folder appear with every single colour in your design picked out. 

Adjust your colour

Again, use the Selection tool to select your entire artwork. You then need to select the colour group in your Swatches panel. When you do this, a colour wheel icon will appear at the bottom of the panel that allows you to Edit or Apply Colour Group. Click on this and it will open up a Recolour Artwork window, which lists every colour in your design. You can then click on any one of these colours and adjust the shade using the sliders. This will change that particular colour throughout your design. Click OK when you’re happy and then Yes to apply the changes you’ve made to the swatch group.






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