Combine art and typography to create a festive greeting.

Now try it yourself

1. Open Illustrator and click on Create new.

2. On the New Document window click on Print and select Letter as preset, then click on the blue Create button at the bottom right.

Select the Puppet Warp tool in the All Tools menu, drag it over the Toolbar and release it when a blue line appears

3. On the main menu click on File, then select Place… from the drop-down.

4. Navigate to the practice file and select "", then click the Place button.

Image in progress of girl on swing, with Show Mesh highlighted in the tool panel

5. Left click and hold your mouse on the top left of your document. Drag the mouse down to a nice fit to the bottom right so that the rectangle fills the page evenly.

Image of girl on a swing with points selected on one hip and one ankle indicating area of movement

6.  From the toolbar on the left select the Rectangle Tool. Left click and hold the mouse to draw a rectangle over part of the drawing.

7. On the Properties panel on the right, find the Appearance section and choose a red Fill color for your rectangle on the pop-up window.

Side by side images of girl on swing with placement of pins on hip, knee, and ankle

Edit Text

8. From the toolbar choose the Type Tool. Click and drag a text box on your red rectangle. Replace the placeholder text.

9. On the Properties panel with the text still selected change the text Fill color to white.

Image of girl on swing with four pins on one leg from hip to ankle, and a curved arrow indicating movement around one foot

10. With the text box still selected, click the Fonts drop-down list from the Character panel.

11. On the Character drop-down menu select Find More.

Change the font face to Arboria Bold and click the cloud icon to activate the font so it syncs to your computer.


Tip:  To get access to the font collection of Adobe Fonts you first must connect your Illustrator to Adobe Fonts. When you see a pop-up asking for connecting to Adobe Fonts click OK. Once you've connected Illustrator to Adobe Fonts type Arboria Bold into the search bar. Select Arboria Bold, and then click on the cloud icon right next to the font. A quick download will start and integrate the font into your system.

Close-up of girl's hair with four pins placed for creating movement as she swings

12. Click on the text field, then shift + click the rectangle behind the text in order to select both objects.

13. Click on Group under Quick Actions on the properties to group the text and the rectangle.

Image of girl on a swing with a selection area around her head, Select All Pins is highlighted in tool options

14. Once you've grouped the text and the rectangle you can change the opacity. Click on Opacity in the Properties and select Multiply in the drop-down menu.

Side by side graphic of two male puppets with animation pins shown on one

That's it! Now it's your turn to create to create a festive greeting in 60 seconds with Illustrator. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithIllustrator to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.






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